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How to Get Lots of Facebook Friends Fast

Updated on February 28, 2010

If you're one of those people who wants to have a million Facebook friends, this is the article you'll want to read. I'm going to tell you how to easily get hundreds of Facebook friends in a very short period of time (I got 300 Facebook friends in just a week or two without even trying!) Of course, most of these friends will be people you'll never chat up or even get to know otherwise, but for those of you who just want loads of fake mates without any work, this is your method and I personally vouch for it cos it happened to me and I wasn't even trying!

Step 1: Choose a Facebook application game

You want a game that gives you bonuses or incentive to add neighbors. I happened to discover the coolness of Facebook's Happy Aquarium and I was absolutely addicted to it for a couple of weeks. This particular game gives you coin bonuses on a daily basis for every neighbor whose tank you visit, and lots of people will want to be your neighbor for that bit o' coin.

Step 2: Find the game's discussion board.

When you visit the game's discussion board you'll see loads of people requesting new neighbors. Simply go down the list and click "add friend". You should probably type "Happy Aquarium" (or whatever the name of your game is) in the subject line, just to let them know why some random person is asking to be fake mates with them. In general you'll be approved fairly quickly. Be sure to add your own name to the postings and request people to add you as a friend; you'll start getting friend requests pretty quickly but you may want to stay on top of your post and keep bumping it cos lots of people tend to post the same thing.

Step 3: Put sea-life babies up for adoption.

Ok... it may not be called this in other applications but in Happy Aquarium you will, from time to time, be given the opportunity to "save a baby squid" (and other types of sea-life) and put it up for adoption. If you click yes and publish it to your wall, loads of avid game players will see it adopt your orphan. At least 5 people can and will adopt and they will publish it on their own walls. Then *their* fake mates will ask who they got it from and then your name gets posted and then before you know it you've got 10 or more people asking to be your new fake mate. See how that works? The more you put baby squid, walruses, etc. up for adoption, the more people want to be your mate cos they can't buy those things with coin.

Step 4: Do check your mates out first

Just cos someone wants to be your fake mate doesn't mean you'll want them to be. Do yourself a favor and view their profiles first and if you can't do that without approving them first, approve them and then immediately check them out -- if they don't smell right, you can always unfriend them. I tend to approve anyone and everyone but I don't have my personal information listed and this is a penname. If you're a real person with real info you may not want fake mates viewing all your junk, so do be mindful of that.



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