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How to Get Twitter Followers ... and for Free

Updated on June 14, 2015

Never Drink and Tweet!

The Return of Yoshi

It's been a long time since I have been on Hubpages. For those who don't know me and don't care, you can skip on down to the next section to learn more about earning Twitter followers, but you might want to consider who is sharing their information with you before reading any further.

I'm a hubber from about 5 or 6 years ago. That's when I decided to walk away and see if I could make it on my own. The answer was a definitive yes, but like all children that grow into adulthood, I found myself missing my roots. That's why I have decided to come back and offer up some of what I have learned while I was away.

Those who remember me know that I freely offer up knowledge that I have learned from my own experience. I won't hit you with any get rich garbage for $9.99 that claims to make your world better. I tell you the cold, heart truth, but I will also show you things you could benefit from, with time and perspiration.

So, before you think of me as another peddler offering a quick follower' scheme for Twitter, know that that is not me, and this is not one of those articles. What I have written below absolutely works, and I can back up my claims 100%. So, without further adieu, let's learn something!

We All Start Out as Nobody

So, you joined Twitter and you have a few followers. Thank heavens your family follows you, right? But what if you have higher aspirations? What if you want to share your thoughts with the world?

As an author, you might want to share information on your incoming books; as a salesman, you might want to share information on your latest products; and as a hubber, you might want to share information on your latest hubs. Awesome! However, you need to grow your following. Just the other day someone on Twitter befriended you and offered you 10,000 followers ... all for the low price of $19.99. So, should you take them up on that? Well, if you think the answer is yes then you really, really, really need to put down your wallet so we can have a little talk.

You see, we ALL start out as nobody on Twitter, and we are offered two choices: we can earn our followers or we can buy them. While the temptation to grow quickly tells us that buying is better, it's a far, far worse proposition. Allow me to explain ...

Bought Friends aren't REAL Friends

When you purchase a package of followers you are getting just that ... a package of followers. The odds are good that most, if not all, of these are bots (AKA not real people) or false accounts, which means they will care less about what you have to offer. If you follow the dark path it will be quick and easy, but you will find yourself shouting out in an empty forest. Believe me when I say, you do not want followers, you want friends!

Friends are those people who read your stuff and share their own. They follow you back from Twitter to your articles, and they might even buy something from you, but only if you can convince them that you are a friend worth having. That's where we need to discover who our true friends are, and it will take a bit of sorcery to sniff them out.

Here's How It Works

Stage 1: Ping Twitter

By ping twitter, I don't mean to ping twitter in the computer sense; but rather, to toss a rock into the water and wait for the ripples to return. How does one do this? Well, it takes some time and effort, but trust me when I say this will earn you your first true followers.

In the upper-right corner of Twitter there is this evil box that says, "Who to Follow". For the next two days, this will be your friend and then you will more than likely permanently part ways. Here's how it works:

[Pick a weekend to do this, when you have the free time to start earning your followers]

On day one, you will follow everyone that is listed in this box until you are following 1000 people (as memory serves me, this is the most you can follow in a 24 hour period). You will constantly accept anyone that follows you back and you will watch your inflow of tweets from them to see if anything strikes you as interesting. If it does, retweet it! While we haven't made any REAL friends yet, we have at least dropped our pebble in the water, and made people aware of our presence.

On day two you will do the same thing, until you are now following 2000 people. By this time (hopefully) you have been thanked for a few of your retweets and maybe others have retweeted you. This is a good thing. You might even notice that some people have unfollowed you ... even better, as they were never going to be your friends anyway.

Stage 2: Earn Your Friends

On day three is where the real work begins. You will notice the number of people following you will gradually decline. OH NO! But don't fret, as you are culling the flock of those who are not interested in what you have to say.

As you watch on in horror, continue to check your incoming tweets from others and retweet anything that interests you, as this is your chance to show your dwindling flock what you like and dislike, and to find like-minded individuals which will want to actually befriend you. At this point, you will want to share anything you have to offer (such as articles), and you will also want to find interesting stuff on the internet and share that as well. Again, you are shaping for others who you are and what you are all about

You will continuously have people unfollowing you, and it's time to show the same kindness in return. There is a free site on the internet called, and it's worth its weight in gold. It's a free service, unless you decide to pay for the pro version, which I highly recommend. This service will allow you to determine who unfollowed you and it will allow you to unfollow them in return. As people who unfollow you are not contributing anything to your success, I highly recommend unfollowing them to allow room for more followers that actually want to hear what you have to say.

Once that culling is done, you will also want to take a long, hard look at everyone that is following you. Click on their twitter page to see what they are all about. If they are nothing but salesmen, unfollow them, as they will only be interested in selling you what they have for sale. By now, you should be under 500 people following you, and you should have offers slowly trickling in of more people wanting to follow you. From here on out, you will look at every Twitter profile and you will only follow back those people who are not trying to sell you something and who actually interest you. You will also continue to retweet anything interesting said by your followers and add material of your own.

Another thing to note, when choosing who you will follow, is how many people are following them. While it might be really cool to follow someone who has 80,000 followers, do you think they actually see any of your tweets? Unless they are specifically looking for them, then the answer is no. Instead, look for the low hanging fruit. Those people with a few hundred followers are the gems, as they typically don't get bombarded with 100 tweets every second. For them, what you say will have a better chance of being heard, and it could be more meaningful.

Stage 3: The Plateau

You might never hit a plateau. Then again, you might hit it right away. For those that are unaware, the plateau is when you are no longer able to generate new followers or the followers you had have ran off. For some reason you just aren't connecting, or you were connecting with the wrong people. Don't fret, as we can fix this!

You need to return to the evil Who to Follow box in the upper-right corner, but this time we will work the box from a smarter angle. First off, you will look at every profile and you will immediately bypass any profile that doesn't interest you. You will then look deeper into the ones that show promise. Are they following about as many people as are following them? If this is the case, these are what I call 'auto followers' and they are a good candidate for following, as they will pretty much automatically follow you back, which means they probably won't be unfollowing you next week. From there, you will find yourself in new circles where you will (hopefully) find more people that are of the type that are interested in you.

Also, continue to look for the low bearing fruit. Those people with a few hundred followers are more likely to listen to you than those with thousands, as they don't need to filter through all of the static to hear your message.

As always, you retweet things that interest you, you post links to your content, you post links to things on the internet that interest you, and you continue to cull the unfollowers as they walk away. If you do all of this, you will find yourself back on the march upward again, I promise!

That's All You Need For Success! Good Luck!

But Wait! Yoshi, Will You Follow Me on Twitter?

Maybe ... It depends what you are all about. If your Twitter account is nothing more than a slick marketing campaign, then no, I will not follow you. After all, I follow my own rules, which is to engage people who are also willing to engage me.

Being that as it is, I will most certainly follow back any hubber who offers interesting material in their tweets. My interests are politics, interesting facts, hot button topics, and such. By the way, these are awesome things to retweet and to share on Twitter, as they tend to get people's attention. If you are looking for a good balance between promoting yourself and promoting others, I think you should be promoting others at least twice as much as you promote yourself. Any less than that, and you stand the chance of appearing all about yourself, which tends to make your followers lose interest.

So, in-case you want to follow me, you can find me at However, I want you to understand that the purpose of this article is to get you new followers - not me. I don't have thousands of followers at the moment but that's by design, because all of them are handpicked and avid listeners and I follow nearly all of them back. Remember, the goal is not to get 10,000 followers who care nothing about what you say; but rather, to gain a few hundred who are waiting to hear what you have to say next.


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