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How to Groom your iPhone 7 with the Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Updated on November 5, 2016

The fast production of different types of cellular phones started the ideas of scientists and inventors for accessories like screen protectors. As time goes by, more and more kinds of screen protector have reached the market catering to every need of particular users. Here are some of the types of iPhone 7 screen protector you can choose from.

Applying a screen protector helps protect your phone.
Applying a screen protector helps protect your phone.
  1. Film Clear Protectors – These are usually made of patented film which can be applied only on the screen or can provide a full coverage of the phone. Some of the brands require soap and water during application to achieve a clearer and cleaner output. Other brands of clear protectors are also made especially for military personalities. It can protect the phones from moisture, impact and scratches.
  2. Tinted Screen Protector – Like the tinted windows, this type provides a darker screen when phone lights are off. Some prefer this type to minimize the brightness of their screen but is still friendly to the eyes.
  3. Tempered Glass Screen – This is one of the most recommended types of iPhone 7 screen protector which is new in the market. They are often offered with scratch resistant, anti glare and more durable features. These are more durable in the sense that it is not easily broken during accidental fall or bump. An example of this type is YTBIZ’s tempered glass screen protector.

Smartphones are becoming a necessity to almost anyone.
Smartphones are becoming a necessity to almost anyone.

What to Consider in Applying the iPhone 7 Screen Protector

  1. First of all wash your hands to clean unwanted dirt that might mess up the screen protector sheet. You can also use clean latex gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints.
  2. Clean your working area from all sorts of clutters. You might want to try doing the job inside the bathroom just after someone has taken a shower. The steam inside may reduce the dust in the air.
  3. Remove the sheet from its storage and clean it with soap and water (refer to the user manual) or use a microfiber cloth to clean unwanted marks. Also wipe the screen of the phone before applying the protector.
  4. Apply the screen protector starting from the top most part or the bottom. For film protectors, slowly flatten the sheet using your hand. If you preferred to buy an iPhone 7 tempered glass protector, it would be easier to apply in just 3-5 seconds. As long as it is properly aligned, the process won’t be much trouble.

A wallet case can also be added as an iPhone necessity.
A wallet case can also be added as an iPhone necessity.

How to Buy a Quality Screen Protector

When buying a screen protector for your iPhone 7, always check its durability among anything else. For the nth time, I always recommend quality first. To achieve the purpose of buying a screen protection, also consider if it is resistant from scratch and has an anti-glare feature. If you are planning to buy a set for your iPhone 7, try checking this tempered glass protector from YTBIZ on Amazon.


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