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How to Hide or Block a Cell Phone Number Calls and Text

Updated on January 15, 2012

Introduction to Blocking Calls and Texts on Your Cell Phone

Not that this evvvvver happened to me (it did once :-), but let's just pretend you know someone who is being stalked via cell phone calls and texts. I'm not just talking about that annoying person that contacts you once in a while. I mean someone who is constantly calling you and texting you all day long even though you have completely broken off contact. You get 10 calls and 10 texts in an hour, you have asked the person to stop contact.

You might be racking up cell phone charges for all the texts. You might just be tired of all the contact. Bottom line, you want this person to not be able to get through to your cell phone.

I recently blocked someone from making calls and sending texts to my cell phone and it worked great. This method works best for Verizon Wireless customers but it something similar may exist for other cell phone services as well.

Step One Log Into You Verizon Account

As mentioned, this article is geared toward those with a Verizon Wireless account. If you have your online account set up you'll need to log into your account.

Step Two - Go to My Verizon

Once logged in, go into the My Verizon section of your account

Step Three - I Want To

When looking at the My Verizon area on your compter screen. Look for the section called "I Want to" (as in 'I want to have this person stop calling me in the worst possible friggin' manner')

Step Four - "Plan"

Within the "I Want to Section" look for the "Plan" section. Beneath the word "Plan" you'll see a button called "Block Calls and Messages"

It is safe to say you want to click on "Block Calls and Messages"

Step Five - Safeguards (From People Calling)

Verizon Safeguards section will pop up after you have clicked the "Block Calls and Messages".

There is a tab in this section called "Call and Message Blocking" Click on the "Call and Message Blocking" tab if it is not open already.

Step 6 - Add The Numbers You Want to Ban

When you are in this tab you can add up to five numbers. The numbers you add will be prevented from texting or contacting your via phone call to your cell phone.

Five numbers should be more than enough unless you have a crazed bunch of zombies after you. If that is the case, you might want to give up on your phone all together. Other wise add up to five numbers you want to block.

The Calls Blocked For 90 Days Rule

As of right now, cell phone calls can only be blocked for 90 days on Verizon. Personally, I think this should be enough time to convince the cell phone message stalker from reaching out to you. Once the three months are up, you are fair game again. Just repeat the process above.

Some numbers can not be blocked. 911 calls and other public numbers can not be blocked. The site explains this better than I can here.

I hope this helps you to stop a person from repeatedly calling your cell phone.


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