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How to Install ICS in Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?Easy Step by Step Guide to ICS for Galaxy Tab 10.1

Updated on March 15, 2013

How to Install ICS in Galaxy Tab 10.1?

Samsung has denied in the past to givie official Android Ice Cream Sandwich update to Galaxy Tab 10.1. It is because they find it very difficult to run ICS mixed with their touchwiz in Galaxy Tab’s hardware. The Tab is prebuilt with Android Honeycomb or 3.0 which is good but ICS would be better.

Now, there is an announcement in which Samsung has promised ICS for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.But it is not clear that when Honeycomb one will be converted to ICS Galaxy Tab 10.1.

But there is another unofficial way to bring ICS in your Galaxy Tab. Just follow the steps and see the magic.

Samsung Galaxy tab is equipped with a 1 GHz dual core processor. This is powerful enough to run this custom ICS firmware. So, do not worry.

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Precautions for Galaxy Tab 10.1 ICS Update

Before going to update your Galaxy Tab you should have to take these precautions:

1) If you are novice in working with firmware or tweaking Android, it will be safer if you seek the help from an experienced person. Because, always there presents a certain amount of risk while updating or upgrading of something going wrong.

2) Do it in your own risk. We shall not be responsible for any damage to your device or data loss.

3) Keep the battery fully charge while updating. A minimum of 70% charge is required.

Android ICS on Samsung Galaxy Tab
Android ICS on Samsung Galaxy Tab

Primary Stage: Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

You need have to root your Galaxy tab to do the update. If it is already rooted you may skip this stage. You need have to these applications for rooting:

1. Samsung KIES in your PC/Laptop

2. ADB in your PC/laptop


Now after downloading save the zip in your computer.

Now open the zip file.

While pressing and holding the SHIFT key , right click in the zip folder and select OPEN COMMAND WINDOW here from the menu.

Now enter the following commands in command prompt:

##### adb push /sdcard/

adb reboot recovery ######

After that the tab will be rebooted in recovery mode.

In recovery mode select APPLY UPDATE FROM /SD CARD.

Now choose theSamsung-Galaxy-Tab-10.1-root.zipand the rooting will begin. In this way your Samsung Galaxy Tab will be rooted. After the successful rooting process you can advanced towards the final stage of the Ice Cream Sandwich update to Galaxy Tab.

Final Updating to Android ICS

The rooted device is now ready to update. To upgrade the Samsung Galaxy Tab firmware you need the following files to be downloaded:

1) ClockworkMod recovery

2) CM9 KANG v1.0.

After downloading these two files copy them to the micro SD card of your tablet. It should be on the root of the card.

Install the ClockworkMod recovery tool.

Now reboot the device into recovery mode.

Now make a Nandroid backup by selecting BACKUP.

After that, get ready to sweep your tab clean from the previous OS. Select FACTORY RESET/WIPE > WIPE CACHE > WIPE DELVICK CACHE

Then select INSTALL ZIP FROM SD CARD. Find out and select CM9KANGv1.0 to start the ROM installation.

Wait for some time as the ROM installation will take some time.

After the complete installation of the custom ROM reboot your device.

Yes! You have done it. Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will reboot with Android ICS. This is the end of the entire tutorial.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 ICS


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    • profile image

      EddieT 5 years ago

      i have this tablet. i don't think this generation tablet is powerful enough to run jellybean

    • profile image

      wizor 5 years ago

      Does this support the galaxy tab 10.1 wifi 3g or 4g

    • profile image

      Catalyst 5 years ago

      For anyone who sees "adb push /sdcard/ reboot recovery"

      Those are actually two commands

      adb push /sdcard/

      adb reboot recovery

    • profile image

      freezbay 5 years ago

      @elmusu Yah! Me too heard that. For phones like Galaxy Ace, Fit etc CM9 is still at beta stage and can't make the Cam & Radio work! I am not sure about Tabs! You gotta try googling it!

    • profile image

      elmusu 5 years ago

      hi! What about the camera driver i had read other forums that said the cameras will not work with this update