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How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S : A Simple Step by Step Guide

Updated on November 11, 2013

If you have a network locked Samsung Galaxy you may crave for the freedom of using it with other operators. No matter if your device from T-Mobile or AT&T (named Vibrant and Captivate respectably), this method will work. Thus you shall be able to SIM unlock Samsung Galaxy S. This method of unlocking Samsung Galaxy S works with different network operators worldwide. But it cannot be said that it would work with all operators or not. But you may give it a try.


Before jumping to start with the process of unlocking Samsung Galaxy S please read these:

1) This method has worked for many but it cannot be guaranteed. So, failure is an option here too.

2) Unlocking your device is not considered a very risky process. Despite of that, we shall not take any responsibility for any damage or data loss. Proceed with your own risk.

3) This method is only for the GSM variations of Samsung Galaxy S. If your device is a CDMA one like Verizon Fascinate or Spring Epic 4G, you are out of luck.


Primary Stage to unlock Samsung Galaxy S

1) Charge your device full or to at least 70%.

2) Download the Galaxy_S_Unlock Android app for free.

3) Go to Android market and download the busybox app for free.

4) Your Samsung Galaxy S must be rooted. If it is not then read this article to do it.

5) Come back to the next stage after rooting your handset.

Samsung Galaxy S Unlock app
Samsung Galaxy S Unlock app | Source

Secondary Stage:

This is the next stage to the process to unlock Samsung Galaxy S.

1) Launch the Galaxy S unlock app in your device.

2) Now you need to have to backup the old locking information. This will help you to go back to the previous locked condition of the phone. To do these select the 1st option at the app: Save Actual Efs folder.

3) Some of the Samsung Galaxy S’s are equipped with Android 2.1. these users should select : Step 2 for phones sold on 2.1.

4) Galaxy S with Android 2.2 should tap the next option : Step 2 for phones sold on 2.2

5) If you have Gingerbread 2.3 you too should have to select the Step 2 for phones sold on 2.2 option.

6) After that the app will connect with internet to download required files one by one. Wait for the work to be completed. It may take some time.

7) After that your mobile will be rebooted or ask for a reboot. Do it if so asked.

Final Stage

After restarting open the app again. Now go to the Step 3: Create bak files.

Now you have completed the process!!

You have a free unlocked Samsung Galaxy S now.

Now exit the app and enjoy your unlocked device.

Read carefully all the steps one more and start it by your own. All the best for you!

If you have any question regarding this process than feel free to ask via comments box given below.

What to do if it failed?

If you do not get success in unlocking Samsung Galaxy S what shall you do?

Do not worry you can revert back to the previous avatar of your phone.

To do this open the unlock tool again.

Now select the last option: Restore saved EFS Folder. Now follow the instructions to go back to the same unlocked stage without any harm.

That is all !!

Does this App Really Work?

It has worked for me and I hope it will work for you too. If you check the Android Play Store then you can see that this app has gotten an overwhelmingly positive feedback, 4.6 out of 5 rating.

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    • profile image

      Daniel Dorilas 3 years ago

      I did the simple thing, i ordered the unlock code for my on http:// mycellcode they sent me the code in 3 hrs i just put it in my phone and a few secondes my phone was unlocked. now i am happy if you are not tech like me you can order yours also.

    • profile image

      Kelemu 4 years ago

      Hi I change my Samsung Galaxy SII log in password for the phone and after I restarted it could not accept the password and locked for good. Please help?