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How to Install Network Interface Card

Updated on October 18, 2010

NIC Card

Before installing Network Interface Card, there are factors to consider when choosing a Network Interface Card (NIC) as discussed below?

·         Computer Bus type – which should be compatible with the NIC architecture

·         Networking Topology – when choosing your NIC card take into consideration the type and transmission speed of  the topology

·         Media type – Check out the type of your cable connection

·         Network Interface Card types – they come in array of many sizes and speed performances of an Interface Cards is a key factor in Network performance. The sizes range from 8bits, 16 bits and 32bits. ISA  is a 16bits handles 10mpbs and the 32 bit PCI handles the faster 100mbps

Installation Procedure

After buying NIC card you are now set for installation, follow the installation procedure as described below

·         Switch of your computer

·         Remove the system unit board cover

·         Remove the metal bracket

·         Press the NIC into expansion slot

·         Secure the NIC to the system and fixed with a screw

·         Replace the system unit board cover

·         Power your computer on

·         Insert the internet cable

Below are Computer networking hubs that you may find useful for your reading


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