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How to Install Ubuntu 12.10

Updated on April 8, 2013

How to Install Ubuntu 12.10

These instructions assume that you are installing this on a virtual machine, or you have Ubuntu on a disk/flash drive and have a clean partition ready for it. If you do not have a clean partition, the installation DVD can create one for you.

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Boot from the installation CD/DVD

Step 2: Wait for the disk to load

Step 3: Click "Install Ubuntu"

Step 4: Verify that both checks are successful.

(optional) Step 5: Check "Download updates while installing"

Step 6: Click "Continue"

If you need to partition your drive, pick "something else", otherwise, continue to Step 7.

Step 7: Leave "Erase disk and install Ubuntu" selected

Step 8: Click "Continue"

Step 9: Type in, or verify, your location

Step 10: Click continue

Step 11: Verify your keyboard layout

Step 12: Click "Continue"

Step 13: Fill out each field

Step 14: Click "Continue"

Step 15: Wait for the install to complete

Step 16: Restart the computer from the prompt

Step 17: Sign in using the password you created

Step 18: Experience Ubuntu 12.10!


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