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How to Make a Facebook Group

Updated on June 11, 2010

Facebook Groups are incredibly popular thanks to the sites new habit of injecting the News Feed every time someone joins a new group. Facebook Groups are essentially a group of people who share the same interests. Anyone can make a Facebook Group about anything, but it is important not to confuse a Facebook Fan Page. Fan Pages are designed to be "liked," meaning they represent a product or person, etc. A Facebook Group could be made for people in your state such as "The Big Group of Alaskans" or a club you are in such as "The Adult Pokemon Players Fan Club." A Facebook Group can have a number of settings, which I will discuss here. Let's begin.

To create a new group, you will need to log in to Facebook. On your home page, find the link for "Groups" on the left. 

On the group page, click "Create New Group."

You're now going to need to enter some settings and information about your Facebook Group. The Group Name should be descriptive, but not too long. You can punctuate it like a title if you want. If you belong to a network (such as a school or location network), you can select to make the group visible to all or certain networks. You must then enter a description. Choose a "Group Type" in order to allow Facebook to categorize your group. If your group is more formal, like the Adult Pokemon Fan Club, you can type in an address of its office, etc. It's not required, however. 

Now you must go through and edit all the individual settings. If you want people to be able to write on the wall, etc. These are individual preferences, so make your best judgment whether you want them or not. Under "Access" there are three options. Make sure you set the right one so that only people you want in the group can join. Save and continue.

At the top of the page, click the "Invite" tab for your new Facebook Group. Invite all the friends you want to join! Then click "Send Invites."

You can now go to your Group's page and write some updates and provide information for people who want to join. Make sure you add a photo too! That's it! Remember that if you're the last person in the group and you leave, it gets deleted.

The finalized Group page. Don't try to join, it's just a fake group I made for this Hub :P
The finalized Group page. Don't try to join, it's just a fake group I made for this Hub :P

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