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How to Make Good YouTube Videos

Updated on October 30, 2012

Identifying Your Subject

When deciding what type of video you want to make one should decide what it is they want to accomplish. If you are doing it for the money and want the greatest return you should spend a lot of time researching which types of videos are getting the most views. The more views you have the more money you will make with ads. If your aim is to simply make something you can be proud of on the subject of your own choosing it is still recommended that you take your time and concentrate on you chosen subject.

There are many sub-communities on YouTube with many faithful viewers. Consider subscribing to YouTube channels that are similar to your own so that when your video goes live you will have viewers right away. Once you know your project will have an audience move on to preparation for the actual film.


Video Equipment

Before you make your YouTube video you should acquire the best equipment. Go online and thoroughly check out many types of video cameras, choose one that you know will work best for the type of video you plan to make. What may work for one project may not work for another so try to choose a camera that you can use not just for your current project but for years to come. If you need camera lenses, accessories be very picky with these as well. You may want to invest in specific types of quality lenses or like the fish eye lens add a certain effect to camera shots.


Also familiarize yourself with a good video editing program, we use Adobe Premiere CS5. However Adobe programs are often incredibly expensive so you may want to look into getting something else. There are many alternatives but consider the features of each program before finally settling on one. You don't want to be making your video and half way through the editing process realize the program you are using isn't going to cut it.

Script writing And Storyboard

No matter what type of video or short film you plan to make you will need a script and possibly a storyboard. The script will suffice for what is being said and done in the film but the storyboard should be drawn up to show how each camera shot will be taken throughout the film.

Scenes And Setting

Consider your setting for each scene very carefully. Make sure that as you right the script that each scene has a setting that is available for shooting. Or if you are going for a fantasy or science fiction story line make sure you can create a realistic looking backdrop. Also props are sometimes very important for scenes, take you time if needed to secure just what you need.


If you have chosen a live action piece the best way to choose your actors is a reading. Hand them your scripts and have the would be actors throw themselves into the roles. If you are planning an animated video be very choosy with voice actors, imagine as they speak and try to place the voice with the right character.


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    • terrektwo profile image

      Candle Hour 5 years ago from North America

      rfmoran you are very right :)

    • rfmoran profile image

      Russ Moran 5 years ago from Long Island, New York

      YouTube has become such a vast repository of interesting, entertaining and just plain useful stuff, it's hard to imagine how we did without it. Video is becoming perhaps the most important means of communicating. Thank you for your tips on how we can all be a part of it.