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How to Make a Bigger Default Picture in MySpace Profile 2.0

Updated on January 31, 2010

Use a Simple CSS Script to Modify Your Picture

Users who register with MySpace can upload a picture to their profile. The default picture in MySpace 2.0 is rather small. Therefore, members need to learn how to use MySpace CSS features to customize the picture and change its size. CSS stands for "Cascading Style Sheets." CSS allows an image or text to appear on multiple pages with the use of a single script. MySpace members can use a simple script and to easily modify MySpace profile pictures. Follow these steps to get to the CSS for MySpace Profile 2.0 and make the default picture bigger or smaller.

Log in at your MySpace account. Get to the home page of your MySpace profile. Mouse over the "Profile" section at the top and click on "Customize Profile." The next page that opens will have an "Appearance" section and a "Modules" section. Click on the "Appearance" section, but this is usually already open. This is the section that allows the user to make MySpace modifications to the default picture and other elements of the MySpace profile.

Click on "CSS" and look for the text box in the middle of the page. Copy and paste the following code into that box (code from katamari's blog on MySpace):

.katamari {adjust size of default picture}
div.basicInfoModule a {width:170px; max-height:265px; height:265px;}
.katamari {adjust height of basic info section}
div.basicInfoModule div.moduleBody {height:210px;}

Adjust the default picture sizes for width and height on the third line. Left click on the "Preview" button to see if you like the picture. Note that making the picture bigger can distort it to some degree. Also remember that making the picture too wide can interfere with the text to the right of the picture. Click "Publish" if you are ready to save the new default picture. Click "Customize" again to go back to the CSS section. Click the "Exit" button and "Discard" to remove any changes or "Save" to save the changes you made.

Note that MySpace changes its settings at times. Code that works today might not work tomorrow. MySpace will probably eventually upgrade its profile yet again in the future.


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      vikki 7 years ago

      omg it workes thankss lotzzzzz

    • profile image

      RC 7 years ago

      Thank you :)