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How to Pick the Best Smart Phone

Updated on February 9, 2014



I'm Deciding on a Smart Phone

In 7 days I will be purchasing my very first smart phone. Considering how much I love the Interent and the fact that I have an on-line business (blog), I am surprised it's taken me this long.

I've written extensively in another hub on why I really want an iPhone, but can't get one. So let's not talk about that here.

Instead, I'm going to write some tips on how to make sure you're picking the best phone and information about your different options.

So Many Phones

I am getting my first smart phone in 7 days, and I need to make sure I choose the best possible phone for me. There are so many phones from which to pick! How do you know you're not going to regret your decision?

Picking a Carrier - Rate Information

You probably already have a carrier, but if your contract is about to be up, you have the option of choosing a different provider.

I am going to stay with T-Mobile. I've been with them for 10 years and have been a very satisfied customer. I just can't bring myself to switch.

Of the major phone companies - T-Mobile, Verizon, At&t, and Sprint - T-Mobile has the most affordable Family Data Package as far as I could tell. To add Data to your current plan with T-Mobile, it's only an extra $20 per month - $30 per month for more data. To add Data to a Sprint plan, it's $20 per month with an additional $10 per month per phone... that was quite confusing for me as I talked to the Sprint representative (I had to call because I didn't understand the the rate information on their website). Verizon and At&t are still more expensive and out of my price range. I'm not sure why T-Mobile has cheaper plans, but I like that about them.

You'd have to look into it for yourself because different people have different needs. For example, I text like it's going out of style, but almost NEVER speak on the phone. I just don't like talking on the phone - never have. So I don't need a lot of minutes. My T-Mobile package only comes with 1000 and I wish it came with less for a lower price. The Sprint plans I mentioned come with 1500 minutes so the additional cost might be worth it to you.

Data package pricing is one reason I won't leave to get the iPhone.

Ask Around

What do your friends and family have? Do they like their phones? Have they had any major issues? Would they recommend their phone to you? How long have they had it (if only a few days, opinions might be a bit premature)?

Use your personal Facebook to reach a broader audience of your friends. Do status updates asking which smart phone they have, and why or why not they like it.

Ask On-Line

Use Twitter!

I love love love twitter! You can put any question out there and get answers from around the country / around the world. I've been talking about getting a smart phone quite a bit on my twitter account lately and have received many varying answers from friends and people I've never talked to. I'm getting great feedback so I definitely recommend reaching out to your twitter followers! Thanks tweeps!!

Use the Other Social Networks

Reach out on your Facebook Fan Page, Google + and other networks to get even more responses. You're going to have this phone for 2 years - don't be afraid to ask others' opinions!

Once You've Narrowed it Down, Check Reviews On Other Websites

Put the name of the phone / phones at the top of your list into a Google search and see what comes up. Check out Yahoo Answers and other forums as well as hubs and product reviews. Make sure there aren't any repetitive issues or other major concerns.


Phones my Twitter Friends Love and Hate

Phones my Twitter Friends Love:

iPhone - top of the list (obviously)
Droid RAZR Maxx
Galaxy SII and SIII

Phones my Twitter Friends Hate:

"Droid" (freezes up)
Galaxy 1 (freezes up)


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    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 5 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      I'm not yet on the smartphone purchase plan. You've made some great points about things to consider, and also the outreach to get feedback from others. Voted up and useful.