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How to Prevent Friends From Tagging You on Facebook - Tags on Profile Timeline

Updated on February 26, 2012

Sad Truth About Stopping Tags

As far as I can tell it is not possible to entirely prevent people from tagging you on Facebook. That said, there are ways to control the amount of exposure you receive from tags.

Your profile / timeline on Facebook is a very public yet personal space. What is posted on your profile / timeline says a lot about you whether we like to admit that or not. Tags that are unflattering in this personal space of yours can cause you a lot of grief.

This article will teach you how to prevent friends from tagging you on your profile / timeline as well as some tips to keep you from being slammed by embarrassing tags.

The Timeline Review - Moderate Tags Before They Post

Facebook has a privacy setting called "Timeline Review" basically it allows you to be alerted when someone is posting something you are tagged in to your timeline. From there, you can moderate whether you want it to show up on your profile timeline or not.

How Do I Set Up Timeline Review to Block Tag ?

Setting up Timeline review so that a tag won't appear on your page is pretty easy to do. I'll lay out the steps below.....

Step 1 Log In To Facebook at Look For Home

Log in to your Facebook account as you normally would and then look for the "Home" drop down arrow in the upper right hand corner. Click the drop down arrow

Step 2 - Privacy Settings

Look down the drop down menu that appears. Right about in the middle of that drop down menu you'll see "Privacy Settings"

Click "Privacy Settings"

The Privacy Settings Page on FB - Step 3

OK, now you are on the privacy settings page. From here, it all starts to happen. Look for the section called "How Tags Work"

Look to the right of the How Tags Work section for the "Edit Settings" link. Go ahead on click on "Edit Settings"

Review Posts Friends Tag You In - Step 4

A window will pop up called "How Tags Work"

Look for the "Timeline Review" section.

Timeline review, as mentioned before, will allow you to decide which tags you want to appear on your Facebook page. Unfortunately, it won't prevent the tag from appearing elsewhere on Facebook. The tag might be showing up in other places but at least here we can get it off your timeline / page / profile.

If you are reading this I will presume that to the right of the timeline review it says "Off" we want to change that to "On" Click anywhere in this timeline section.

Change To (Approved Posts) Enabled - Step 5

A new window will appear. The box to the right of the window will probably be set to disabled.

Click the drop down arrow and select "Enabled" (in other words, change "Disabled" to "Enabled")

Now The Weird Part - Step 6

Not that it is all that weird, maybe Internet savants have just evolved faster than I have :-) but like so many FB settings there is no "Save" button or "OK" button. Once you have "Enabled" your setting you are pretty much done. Unless you change it back to "Disabled", no matter what you do (close the screen, hit back button, etc) FB is now instructed to allow you to moderate tags before they are posted to your wall / timeline / profile page.

Just click the "Back" button and you are done.

OK .... How Do I Remove My FB Tag Everywhere?

You've prevented people from posting tags to your timeline but "Friends" can still tag you anywhere. This is an unfortunate but cold fact of the Internet. You can not stop and remove all tags everywhere.

The only advice I can offer is to contact your "Friend' and ask the to take it down. I suggest doing this first as Facebook would prefer you to ask before filing a complaint I'm sure. Plus, if you ask and they don't comply, you may get better FB support (though I could be wrong)

Ultimately, if all else fails and the tag is abusive try contacting Facebook and report the concern. They may be able to intervene on your behalf.

Facebook Poll - Privacy and Tagging

Shouldn't We Be Able to Moderate Everything We Are Tagged in Across Facebook

See results

OK, Now I Want to Stop Telling The World About My Relationships on FB

Facebook can reveal an awful lot of information about yourself to an awful lot of people. Try randomly changing your relationship status on Facebook someday. If you are divorced, try revertingyour Facebook relationship status back to "Married" for just one day. If you have 100 friends who are active on Facebook, you'll probably get 100 comments on this status.

Some people don't want the world to know they are single, or divorced or married. Some people don't want to paste their relationship status for fear that someone they are dating will get the wrong message.

Regardless of your reasons, if you want to remove your relationship status you can learn to do so very easily. Just click here and you'll be directed to a Hubpages post I wrote that will show you how to remove your relationship status.

I Don't Want Anyone to Know How Old I Am On Facebook

Showing off every aspect of your life on Facebook seems to be a passion for some people. I am surprised how much information people post about themselves on FB. If you feel funny about how old your are or have a reason for hiding your age you can hide it no problem on Facebook.

There are a couple ways to do this. I wrote an article on how to do this. Click Here to Read it

Privacy Poll

Ever Use the App Privacy Settings on Facebook?

See results

OK The FB App Invitations Drive Me Freakin' Crazy

Do you get a lot of invitations to use applications on FB? Instead of developing carpel tunnel by clicking the "ignore" button all the time, try blocking a specific friend from sending them to you. I wrote an article on how to keep a friend from sending you app invites on Facebook. I linked it below:

Click Here to Stop Those Pesky App Invites

How About Internet Dating on Match.Com? Money Saving Tip

There are other social networks out there besides Facebook. Sites like sprawl the Internet as social network dating sites.

If you are on you really want to keep track of when your membership runs out. If you don't, they will automatically re-up your membership and you will be paying all over again. Not a big deal if you intended to renew your subscription but horrible if you did not want to renew.

I wrote a post on Hubpages that will show you how to check your Membership status on

Click here to learn when your subscription runs out on Match.


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    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 

      4 years ago from Germany and Philippines

      This is definitely helpful to every facebook user like me. Thanks for sharing the tips.

    • TurtleDog profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thanks so much for the compliment Madurai!

    • Madurai profile image


      6 years ago from Online

      I have seen that most of the people in facebook, never bothered about tagging. I have also observed that even othernthan faces, some objects also tagged with persons name. Hopenthose whonreadnthis, will absolutely, take precaution to modify their settings. Great tips.


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