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Printing from an Android Phone or tablet

Updated on January 25, 2016
Print with an android phone
Print with an android phone | Source

Not many people may associate printing to the portable devices. The portable devices have greatly reduced the need to use paper but on infrequent circumstances you may be required to print from your android phone.

The android OS does not have the native capability for direct printing. That said, it is still very much possible to print from your android phone or tablet via the use of the third party apps. This is not the only way an android user can go about how to print from an android phone. Other methods can include cloud printing or via Wi-Fi.

We will have a look at these different methods on how to print from an android phone. The android user will have to make choice on which method works best for him or her.


Method 1: PrinterShare app

A popular choice with many android users seeking to print from an android phone is the third party apps. PrinterShare is a common app used to print documents from an android device. PrinterShare is also called PrinterAnywhere allows that one of two options can be chosen between Nearby and Remote. It is a paid app at $5 for complete version. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

  • Download the app to your computer and connect the android phone to the computer before running the installer. Make sure to select the printer available to the android phone.

  • Launch the app on your android phone with Wi-Fi enabled, the computer still turned on and printer turned on as well. Select the file type you want to print from the list of options provided.

  • Finally, the PrinterShare app navigates you to select the document to print. Click on the ‘Print button’ after making the selection.

Easy to print with the PrinterShare app
Easy to print with the PrinterShare app | Source

It is actually that simple printing a document with the PrinterShare app on your android phone.


Method 2: Google Cloud Print

Cloud Print is another very easy option to print your documents. This is a service from Google that has revolutionalized how we can interact through transfer of documents and even store documents. With a printer that is compatible to the android phone, printing of documents will be straightforward and very easy.

If you do not have the Cloud Print printer, you can still use your regular printer but you will need to use Google Chrome, the printer and the computer it is connected and lastly you will need the Cloud Print app installed in your android phone. Configure the Chrome browser by selecting ‘Settings’, and then ‘Show Advanced Settings’ and click on the ‘Add Printers’ in the Google Cloud Print section.

Additionally, download, install and launch the Cloud Print app and link it to the Google account on your account. Grant the app permission to access the account and select the type of printer you want to use.

Google Cloud Print Infographic
Google Cloud Print Infographic | Source

To print, launch the Cloud Print app and select the file type you want to print. Select ‘Click here to Print’ or click on the ‘Share option’ to transfer the file to the Cloud Print for onward printing.

Method 3: Wi-Fi

This is yet another method on how to print from an android phone. The use of a Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth printer will enable printing directly from an android phone. It might be an expensive option especially if you do not have the printers.


With any of the listed ways no how to print from an android phone, android users can print directly from their devices. It is as easy as outlined in the article. Your expenses will be at most paper and printing ink where the android user already owns a printer.


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