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How to Remove an Annoying Pop-up Ads on Internet Explorer

Updated on November 5, 2013

Tired of an inline and an online ads that pops up on your browser? Don’t worry, you are not alone. I am sick of it too. Every time I open my browser, this annoying and irritating ads just pop out in the middle of nowhere; and sometimes it directs you to a site that you never know that it exist. The reason for that is that you have accidentally clicked an infected site that automatically runs on your computer without your permission. Worse of all, if it downloads on its own once you stumbled upon the author's site, your computer is infected with a virus called malware. Oftentimes, if you let it runs and let it stay for a while on your computer. So before it gets you, deleting it will solve the issue.

It’s so sad to say that there are people who creates a software that really annoys people. The reason for this is to earn money through advertising.

Creating a software that infects other people's computer is not really cool. However, don't worry. There are some ways on how to fix that.

Step 1: Open Your Internet Explorer Browser

Once you open it, go to toolbar. Click it and find Internet options.

 Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer

Step 2: Click Advance Option

After you click internet options, it will leads you to different options. On the last icon, you can find advance icon.

Step 3: Click Reset

It'll give you choices and options. You can either click all of those or not.

Step 4: You're All Set

Once you click reset and it shows three checks on internet option setting, then, you are good to go.

Step 5: Restart Your Computer

You need to restart your computer once you are done resetting.

Certainly last but not the least

You can say goodbye to free online ads on your browser. Simple isn't it? Happy browsing.


You can also do the same with your other browser such as; Firefox, Google Chrome and others.

© 2013 Jane Boucheirre


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