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How to Renew a Computer's IP Address

Updated on June 1, 2013
Release and Renew a Computer's IP Address
Release and Renew a Computer's IP Address | Source

It is common that you may encounter problems with your browsing session especially when using a modem. This is manifest with the ‘Page Not Found’ error. When such a problem is encountered, the internet provider is not liable or palpable.

The problem lies with the PC you are working with since the modem will be working properly or you may have changed locations. All that you need to do is to renew a computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address and continue enjoying seamless internet connectivity.

So instead of panicking, you can go ahead and follow these simple steps to release your old IP address and get a new IP address. There will be absolutely no need to call your internet provider.

It should be remembered that the computer has to be connected to the router or the modem before commencing this process. Easy steps to renew a computer’s IP address:

  • Start by clicking on the start button.
  • On the search bar, type ‘cmd’ and click OK for Windows 7. A command prompt window will appear.

Alternatively for Windows 8; in the apps section click on ‘Command Prompt’

  • Type the term ‘ipconfig’ to review the status of the computer IP addresses.
  • To release the current IP addresses, type ‘ipconfig/release’ into the command prompt and hit enter.
  • Now, to assign your computer a new IP address, type ‘ipconfig/renew’ and hit enter. Just pause for a moment and the DCHP server will assign your computer a new IP address.
  • You will have successfully gone through the process after typing exit and hitting enter to close the command prompt window.

Renew a Computer's IP Address

Points To Remember When You Renew a Computer's IP Address

The quotes only indicate the words to be typed into the command prompt. The quotes should not be included.

It is not mandatory that the IP addresses have to be reviewed; you can go straight ahead and release the old IP addresses.

Computers on a DCHP network will automatically renew their IP addresses when re-establishing network connectivity.

If the above listed steps do not resolve the problem with internet connectivity, unplug the modem or the router and repeat the process.


You will continue enjoying uninterrupted internet access with knowledge of these steps on how to renew a computer’s IP address.


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