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How to WordPress

Updated on June 19, 2013
Do not struggle with WordPress Development and get a full service, start from $5. Nonprofit? Only $5 and nothing more!
Do not struggle with WordPress Development and get a full service, start from $5. Nonprofit? Only $5 and nothing more! | Source

How to Start Website with minimal initial upcost

Thousand of internet companies are offering their super-duper and super-expensive services to people who do not know how to create a website. Whole website development process and online presence requries to find a hidden gem - know how. And thats all. Nowadays we do not have to invent a bicycle once again and hire programmers to write our website from scratch.

It is nice to have your own Content Management System because it can prevent you from internet attacks - just imagine number of MS Windows virus attacked zombies. Many people use this operating system and because of it - they are target of crackers. The same problem is with well known internet applications, but they are also empowered by huge communities and every webmaster can do many things to secure the website. Also a website with non-opensource code can be hacked using many and many techniques, including SQL injection.
But there is a very big difference - you do not have to pay for OpenSource. Do not be shy and use OpenSource to create your website using for example WordPress. Why? Answer is very easy. Let your web to generate funds to cover future development. Do not spend hundreds or thousands on website development if you can save these funds and use them for marketing.

Perform a research about Website name

Every website needs a name to be human friendly. Nobody wants to remember these crazy IPv4 or even IPv6 adresses to read new stuff from your site. To get your own domain name, you should consider several tips:

  • typo-safe domain ( try - google must hold every domain which can be mistyped by their users to prevent phishing and domain speculation )
  • Readibility - imagine that you want to get a radio advertisement - will these people know how to write your domain
  • domain length -
    is not a good solution for your lead generation stream
  • nearly every hosting provider will help you to find free domain. You can also try any WHOIS lookup service to find your own website name and perform domain availability check

What is the maximal amount you want to spend on Website development?

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How to Install WordPress

I always suggest to my clients to use CMS WordPress. I have several reasons for it.

  • I have bad experience with earlier versions of Drupal - especially plugin conflicts
  • Joomla is very complex, like a cannon to shoot a mosquito
  • WordPress is used by well known players, community is very live and i can choose from dozens of themes and plugins - WordPress is well-supported by many online services
  • WordPress administration is user friendly. I have tried many CMS made by programmers who do not care about user experience.

Choose right website name and hosting

It is always better to invest in your own domain name. Domain name can be very cheap but also very expensive. To start, you may select your national domain or generic one like .com, .net, .name, .org and so on. Many hosting companies are offering sales or they will give you the domain for free, if you order hosting.

  • Free hosting is very frequently limited by RAM memory - you can not run your WordPress properly with all needed features.
  • Free hosting does not normally offer an accessibility guarantees and daily backup
  • Free hosting can try to input advertisement into your script
  • Subdomains provided by free hosting can affect your SEO
  1. If you are looking for WordPress turnkey hosting, you can try hosting providers which allow you to use cPanel or they offer any other technique how to install WordPress by click.
  2. WordPress is really easy to install. You just have to follow instructions during installation. All you need is to upload WP files into your root or subdomain directory of your hosting, get a MySQL database ( db user, db password, db name, db server ) and visit your site, where you will see installation dialogue.
  3. If you experience problems with wp-config setup or you are experiencing FTP dialogue during installation of plugins and themes, change file permissions properly.

Do you use CloudFlare to improve user experience?

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WordPress Performance Tips

WordPress has one weak point - page load can decrease to awful numbers if not used properly. Quadrillions of plugins or even one plugin with poor perfomance can slow down your site and then kill your not only search engine traffic. But, we can prevent from these performance issues in several ways.

  1. Monitor your memory consumption and quota - if you have memory quota 32 MB, do not boost your site up to this quota - even 5 visitors can blow up your site to white screen of death and memory leaks. Use wp memory usage plugin to see. It is not a sustainable solution to raise the Quota.
  2. Get a W3 Total Cache - Caching is really nice method how to save server load and serve your sites pretty quickly. W3 Total Cache enables you to save HTTP requests as like as MySQL Query requests. One page load can produce up to 20 queries, which is really large number! If installed properly and supported by hosting provider, W3 total cache can solve your performance issues really gently.
  3. Install CloudFlare plugin and set up your W3 Total Cache to support this absolutely free CDN network. You will need to change your DNS nameservers, but impact is huge. You can also use nice number of 3rd party services without any additional load for your memory. CloudFlare is also absolutely brilliant security solution. This is my HOT tip!
  4. Keep your layout clear - many widgets will slow down page load. Always ask yourself if this widget is useful for your visitors. Also try to limit javascript loading from 3rd party hosted content providers.
  5. Use Google PageSpeed to track performance issues and solve them - most common problems are not optimized graphics
  6. To optimize your database, use revision control to clean old content revisions
  7. Do not perform high memory demanding actions during rush hours - you can track your rush hours using traffic analytics like google Analytics, Piwik and so on.

Learn from the best how to start website

There is a plethora of tutorials and tips how to start website using WordPress, just ask uncle Google!

If you are looking for top notch products, feel free to visit:

  • ThemeForest - Premium Themes
  • WPMU dev - brilliant community of WP developers. Premium Plugin Giveaways.


I would love to answer your questions about WordPress development. You can ask your questions below in comments or click the link below featured image and PM me for free advice.


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    • neophonic profile image

      Jakub Dubec 4 years ago from Europe

      Hello expertscolumn,

      my answer is yes, indeed. Drupal was tough to use ( earlier versions! ), joomla is fine but very complex, you know :) I have tried CMSMS as like as Typo3,concrete5 and so on. How i can explain my love to WordPress? I am BFU. :D

      But, thank you for you question. I will add here some alternatives ;)

    • expertscolumn profile image

      Stanley Soman 4 years ago from New York

      You mentioned Joomla was tough to use as well as other cmses you've used. Have you tried ?

    • neophonic profile image

      Jakub Dubec 4 years ago from Europe

      Hello Rus, feel free to ask if you will need ;) I would like to help you. Now you can click and read about some plugins also!

    • rfmoran profile image

      Russ Moran 4 years ago from Long Island, New York

      Some solid advice here, especially about memory usage and performance in Wordpress. I am developing a wordpress site right now. Thank you for the tips