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How to Sync Calendar from Outlook to Android Device - Wireless Calendar Sync Outlook to Android

Updated on February 12, 2011

Unfortunately, one of the requirements with a Google operating system is that you MUST have a gmail account to set up and use your Android device (similar to having to use iTunes to activate a iphone.)

There are some benefits to this, such as always having a up to date backup of your contacts etc to you being able to use your GMail account information to unlock a locked device if you ever forget your password etc.

Regarding the calendar sync, some OEM (makers of the phone) have their own software, like Kies from Samsung and HTC Sync. In general I have not been overly impressed with how those work IF you can even get them to work at all.

The nice thing with syncing your Outlook calendar with your Android device is that with Google and Android, you are already syncing your Contacts and Calendar with your Gmail account, so now we just need to get your Outlook Calendar syncing with Gmail. By far the best way to do this is to use Google Calendar Sync. (see link below)

Download and install this on your computer and it will start syncing the information from Outlook to your Android and then back as well.

Unfortunately, this does not sync your contacts and as of right now there is no wireless way to do this (see link below for my walk through on how to export your contacts from Outlook to Gmail which will then sync with your phone.)


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