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How to Take Care of Your iPhone 6?

Updated on July 13, 2016

Nowadays, the smartphones are getting smarter and slimmer, but they are also getting delicate with the advancement in the technology. The fact is, every phone needs to be handled with utmost care. The smartphones of this generation aren’t just mobile phones; they are very fragile too. They are the essential means of staying connected with the world.

Obviously, a smart and expensive commodity like a mobile phone requires extra care and needs something that ensures long-lasting protection.

I am a cellphone freak and owns two cell phones. To be honest, I cannot afford any damage to any of my smartphones. Of the two, iPhone 6 is my favorite possession, and I handle it with love and care. Cell phone cases gained popularity back in the 90's, when very few people had cell phones and the cases available were just basic designs to offer a covered protection to the device. It was a kind of luxury to possess mobile phones, and phone covers were just unimaginable. Moreover there wasn’t much need of a cover as those mobiles were strong and box like without sensors. While, touch screens are prone to damages and scratches. I recently bought an iphone 6s case and was wondering how everything has changed and today protecting my phone is as important as protecting my wallet and other essentials. Today, cell phones are a necessity and this is the main reason why the competition has become so fierce.

When I went to buy an iphone 6 case, it was evident that the competition in the cell phone manufacturing market is very tough. They are actually fighting tooth and nail to get their products sold and the phone cases are made with the best artistic features that assures of both protection and style. No matter how carefully you handle your cell phone; there are instances where your phone can drop to the hard ground or into the water. In such cases, a mobile phone case can be the savior; especially iphone 6S case provides the peace of mind. The touch screens too are prone to dirt, grime and scratches; you can prevent it with these pocket friendly options of phone cases.

We all know that cell phone cases are important for taking good care of a mobile phone, but I would like to discuss a few extra ways to take good care of your iPhone 6.

A few practical and simple ways to take care of your iPhone 6:

  1. Keep your Hands Clean – Keeping your hands clean is the very first and significant step in keeping your iPhone clean. Washing your hands with soap ensures that your hands stay clean and safe from germs. If your hands aren’t clean, their germs will get on to your phone. Clean hands mean a clean and stain-free cellphone.
  2. Clean your phone with wipes and scrub – Antibacterial cleaners are available in the market at affordable prices. Get one of them and wipe your phone off at the end of the day, before sleeping. Rub it gently so that you avoid any damage to your phone’s screen.
  3. Keep it in a safe place when not in use – Designate a safe place to keep your phone, when you don’t use it. It should be somewhere out of the reach of toddlers and pets as they can knock off your phone anytime. Also do not keep your phone in closed spaces like handbags or a closed container for a longer period, unless it is switched off.
  4. Keep your Phone away from Liquids – Do not use your phone while it’s raining and also don’t drink near your phone, because if your drink gets spilled on it, the smartphone will get drenched in liquid. Keep your phone away from water and liquids
  5. Get your IPhone 6 a case – Keeping your phone in a case is vital, as your phone can fall from your hands anytime, and an iPhone 6 case can prevent your favorite phone from getting damaged.

Obviously, an iPhone 6 case otterbox protection is necessary for your iPhone. Almost all of us pay a lot of money to buy a cell phone, and then we also spend a few bucks around every two months on buying mobile phone covers and cases to take care of them. I don't say that you are wasting money after buying them, but it is imperative to purchase a case that is sturdy and durable enough as it will indeed prove to be a better deal than spending uselessly after cheap covers now and then.


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