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How to Type Fast with Computer as Student

Updated on July 12, 2015
An Illustration on how to type fast as a student. This idea is based on online publication or writing.
An Illustration on how to type fast as a student. This idea is based on online publication or writing. | Source


In many occasions, I have seen many students complain bitterly that they were unable to type the assignments being given to them by their teachers or lecturers. The truth is that these students have their computers with them but what become their problems is the laziness to type the assignments themselves. They took the assignments to the typists for them to do the work on their behalves. After the typing by the typists, the students pay them and that add to their daily expenses. Instead of using the money to solve other problems, they spend unwisely.

Many young students who are about to graduate from institutions of higher learning in most cases budget the amount of money they will pay to the typists that will type their projects when the time comes for that to take place. Those who do not have personal computers are excusable, but the truth is that both those who have and those who do not pay huge to typists to type their projects for then. Why is it so? A simple answer is because they cannot type fast.

How to Type Faster

The easiest way to type faster as a learner that has his or her own laptop computer is by constant practice. As a writer of this article, I have never gone to computer business centre to learn how to type with the computer keyboard. So if you want to type faster, you must do it yourself. By the time you give it about two hours a day, with time you must get use to it and type faster like others. Just put this teaching into practice and with time you get us to the keyboard letters.

A student can pick one of the textbooks he offers for the semester and start typing what is in it from word to word and sentence to sentence. This will even make the student to perform well academically. What relationship those typing fast has with students’ academic performance? The relationship is that as the students try to learn how to type fast with the textbook they offer for the academic year, they at the same time read what is in the book as vocal reading is practiced during type.

Engaging in computer lessons during holidays is another way any student can learn how to type faster. Students that want to type fast should go for tutorials where they will be taught properly on how to type. But this idea is not a must as many who have been typing today did not go to typing schools or lessons. Most learn how to type fast through self-development.

Furthermore, another classical way to learn how to type fast is by engaging in online writing. This way is capable to make one write faster and also make money from it. Must somebody need to use money to host a website before he or she starts online writing? The answer is that one does not need to host a website with money before he or she will start writing online. Must anybody who wants to write online need to know about computer language or programming? Another simple answer to the question is no.

Writing on Hubpages can quicken the typing speed of students.
Writing on Hubpages can quicken the typing speed of students. | Source

On many occasions, students think that the answers that they find through Google search engine requires a very hard task without knowing that it is as simple as they can’t even imagine. One can simply signup on Hubpages without money and simply start publishing articles, which helps in learning how to type faster. You can signup on Hubpages to start publishing articles on your own which can earn money in return. Hubpages is made up of community of writers from different parts of the world. When you signup, they will give you a sub-domain or sub-site bearing the name you used for the signup. In fact, you will be taught everything you need to know. I learnt how to type faster since I started publishing articles on Hubpages.

Example of an article published on Hubpages is the piece you are just reading. It is a good place to be and by the time any who wants to type fast uses it for one year, his typing skill will surely get improve. Understanding the importance of skill acquisition in typing will pave way for any who is concerned.

The Importance/Advantages of Fast Typing

There are many advantages that typing fast offers you. These advantages are many and all of them cannot be mentioned in this piece of write-up. Discussed in the subsequent paragraphs is the advantages/importance of fast typing.

The first advantage is in blogging. Blogging is writing articles online for people to visit them and read out meanings from the articles. These articles in some cases are monetized in such a way that any person that comes across and read what is there can in one way or the other add to the earnings of the writer or the owner of the blog.

Have you ever ask yourself how online news reporting companies and those that provide educational materials online make their money? They make their money through the adverts that run in the websites that they publish the articles and also from marketing some products online. In just growing companies, once the companies get approval from Google Adsense, Google starts placing adverts on the websites and pay the site owners for the adverts on monthly basis.

Students when given assignments by their teachers or lecturers hook on the internet to find solutions to the questions given to them without knowing that people who place the contents they are looking for do it because they know they will gain in return. It is just somebody’s business setup. The more people read the articles placed by the writer or blogger, the more money the owner generates. The owner of

Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is making good sum of money from his website today because he receives tons of visitors every day. The top companies that report news for the public to read online, like CNN, Sky Sports, and BBC are still doing that because money flows into their accounts on daily basis.

Another advantage that typing faster can offer to students is diverse job opportunities after graduation from the institutions of their learning. In the recent time, people are being tested on their ability to operate computers effectively before jobs are issued to them. It is all about what you can do in most cases and not about what you studied. There are many engineers who are working in banks today because of their ability to operate computers which involves typing fast with computer keyboard. Most of the workers in banks learnt how to operate computer which include typing skill and develop it later. This is why importance of training and development cannot be overemphasized. They are able to do that because they have been making use of the device for a long time. You also can have diverse job opportunity if you can embrace your computer and start practicing how to type faster.


The topic is on how to type fast as a student. Any student who wants to type faster should put effort to learn all the hints given in this piece of write-up. The benefits and the importance of typing faster are also given. Above all, signing up on Hubpages is one of the better alternatives.


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