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How to activate 3G on Vodafone?

Updated on December 14, 2012

The two simple and easy steps by which you can activate Vodafone 3G services:

  • For receiving the Vodafone services, you need to send an SMS “ACT 3G” to 111 for post-paid users and to 144 for per-paid users with the activation code as text. But before you need to choose the plan you desire from the link provided in the Vodafone official website and also note down the activation codes along with other details).
  • After you send the SMS, you will get a confirmation SMS on your Vodafone number that they have received the activation message. Normally it would take less than 48 hours for your Vodafone 3G services to get activated after you get confirmation.

The charges are more or less similar to the existing 2G plan. But video calls might get charged at the rate of INR 3 per minute of call. You might have to change the network mode to UMTS or HSDPA in order to use the high-speed Vodafone 3G services unhindered.

Vodafone 3G activation on Android platform in a few easy steps:

  • Select Vodafone 3G Activation
  • Select APN settings
  • Go to SETTINGS
  • APN: www
  • Restart mobile if necessary

Once you get your Vodafone 3G services activated, you can enjoy services such as Video Café, Video Calling, Vodafone TV, HD Gaming, Faster Downloads, High Speed Internet and Vodafone Newswrap.

Vodafone 3G services has both post-paid and pre-paid plans that are more or less similar to each other. For Vodafone pre-paid and post-paid plans, the monthly rentals would start from INR 100 for a limit of 100 MB and will enjoy 30 days validity. Mobile Internet plans will see a monthly rental of Rs.1000 for a limit of 1000 MB plus 1000 local and STD calls plus 1000 SMS and 30 days validity. There are six different mobile broadband plans available for interested Vodafone prepaid users. The starting cap is a monthly rental of Rs. 650 and the highest limit is of Rs. 6250.


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    • profile image

      Yo-Yo 2 years ago

      Try send sms ACT 3G to 199.

    • profile image

      manpreet singh 2 years ago

      Manaa internat vodafone 3g cholonaa

    • profile image

      vijay 2 years ago

      i want connect net with dongal

    • profile image

      supriya 2 years ago

      niethr 144 nor 111 and 199 are working both giving the same rply ....wrong thr any real activation code is presnt or not ...... plz suggest

    • profile image

      Ausaf evolet 2 years ago

      Type only 3g to 199 n enjoy 3g spwed atr few hours

    • profile image

      Rocky Pebam 2 years ago

      Type ACT 3G to 199

    • profile image

      shariq 2 years ago

      niethr 144 nor 111 are working both giving the same rply ....wrong thr any real activation code is presnt or not ...... plz suggest

    • profile image

      Aman 2 years ago

      It works on 111 with prepaid although it is mentioned for postpaid. Type ACT 3G and send to 111

    • profile image

      Udhaya Prakash 2 years ago

      144 is not responding

    • profile image

      vinay 2 years ago

      i want 3g setting

    • profile image

      abhishek 2 years ago

      144 could not be proccesed

    • profile image

      suvajit 2 years ago

      Network problem....

    • profile image

      nandu sonawane 2 years ago

      3g network

    • profile image

      Avi 2 years ago

      Act 3g on 111....not working.. ..

    • profile image

      Dk 2 years ago

      When i send the message ACT 3G on 111 or on 144, it says you have entered wrong keywords.

    • profile image

      Sadiq ahmed.g 2 years ago

      Thank u it was helpful

    • profile image

      Joyal 3 years ago

      Sorry! Your Data Pack Could not be activated due to insufficient balance or because you are already active on an internet pack or trial pack.

    • profile image

      8095116526 3 years ago


    • profile image

      Raman jangra 3 years ago


    • profile image

      Raj 3 years ago

      after send ACT 3G to 144 , its giving , Hello, your request could not be processed .

    • profile image

      rakes singh 4 years ago

      rakes singh rajpurohit

    • profile image

      swayam rautela 5 years ago

      it is good but taking a lot of time for activating anything