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How to | Make Graphics Online and for Free

Updated on February 20, 2014

Cute graphics made online

Everybody loves a sight to fascinating, cute graphics. From photography to last mile of web design or infographics. If we like to create great content for people, we should ask for these images on many photo stock portals or take them ourselves, but what to do if we need to make something on our own?

Are We a handy designer with installed desktop application for our digital art, or there is a partial need to make articles Top Notch by adding some visualization? First or second, we may experience need of one of listed online tools. Enjoy.

What do You prefer to create graphics?

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Diagrams done easy

At first, i would love to introduce online service for diagrams creation with pretty nice UI and twenty languages provided. If You need to make basic diagrams or even wireframes, network and mindmaps, schedules or purchasing templates from shop, feel free to use Cacoo.


Yes, we can try to create infographics in classical vector/bitmap editor, but what if we do not want to waste time and focus on ideas? We may try some solutions exactly for infographics.


Solution offered in 3 packages, where the difference really makes difference. We can easily use a free version with just 4 basic themes and piktochart watermark and only 5 pictures to upload. Monthly version offers 80 themes with no watermark and more slots for pictures for price of 29$. If You do not earn more than 29$ per month from article writing, it may be little expensive in many countries including mine. But if we make infographics frequently and we are spending even more time on infographics creation, this tool can make us happy. The yearly "bargain hunters" for 199$ dollars is, at all, even more generous.

Pretty simple and free infographics editor with 6 basic ( but very useful and cute ) templates and a market with comission templates from early coming Store. also provides some chart templates to make stunning graphs.

Login via Twitter or Facebook and try it on Your own to make some Top Notch infographics for free.

The Big Boss. Lets look at it in infographics. Made from hashtag in one minute. It does not require more words. Try it out with other "templates" and browse a plenty of very cute visualizations. Absolutely for free. Images are hosted on Amazon, so delivery to viewer is pretty fast.

Very nice feature is automatized research.

Custom infographics themes for companies starts from 4 000 $ .

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By Hand

I use for nearly everything i need. Advanced (but still free) looks as like as photoshop and it is pretty cool, but there are also express and playful solutions where is the joy to makeover photographs.

Pixlr is very good tool when You dont have or dont want to start heavyweight Photoshop and dont like an interface of Gimp, but You want to create advanced graphics like a poster, banner or eventually brochure for print or "hard-made" infographics.

More tools

Do You use another online tools to create wonderful graphics? Feel free to comment!


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