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How to get a Cheap iPhone 4

Updated on July 3, 2011

Top Tip to a Cheaper iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4 So you want to buy the Apple iPhone 4? We don't want to pay full price, so let's take a look at some ways to get a discount.

Top Tip Apple are offering a 0% over 6 months offer, this is fantastic for users already on a iPhone 4 contract looking to upgrade. This makes this the cheapest option over all and my most recommended method of obtaining the new iPhone 4.

The best thing to do will be to contact your contract provided when your contract is up and move to a sim only billing method. This will really reduce your bills. Then head down to apple and pick up the iPhone 4 for 6 months interest free!

I got laser eye surgery on 10 months interest free once, it made it so affordable and I never looked back.

iPhone 4, So much nicer than any of the previous iPhones.
iPhone 4, So much nicer than any of the previous iPhones. | Source

iPhone Suppliers


iPhone 4

Other Tips

Auctions ebay, is the worlds biggest auction site. Thousands of people make a living buying and selling here. I can guarante that many people buy iPhones in bulk for a reduced rate and then sell them on eBay a little cheaper than in the shops. Have a look.

Buy Used Use a free listing website such as or and look for people selling a iPhone 4, maybe they got it as a present and are crazy enought to not want it. There is lots of reasons why people would be selling a iPhone 4. Other reasons I can think of is, a work phone they could keep.

O2 Discount If you have a friend or family member at O2 they can get you a friends and family discount of 30% off your contract. Considering that iPhone 4 contracts can be up to £40 a month, this is a fantastic saving. Have a shout out on facebook or twitter to see if anyone can help you out.


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