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How To Get Rid Of Malware On An Already Infected Android Device

Updated on March 3, 2013

It is usually so frustrating for an android device to be infected and this may even portend disaster both for the android device and for the android owner. This article aims to outline how to get rid of malware on an already infected android device. Android has become a very popular target for hackers and the malicious malware.

Different types of malware and virus will take malicious control of android tabs and android smartphones to varying degrees. Depending on the malware infection, an android owner will be required to take different types of action especially with the installation of the tools to get rid of the malware. The biggest challenge arises from being unable to install anything on the infected android device.

Option I

There are many postulated ways through which an individual will be in a position to get rid of malware on an infected android device. The most basic proposition made to android users is to roll back the changes which may have been made in the recent past. By uninstalling these recently installed apps, the possibility is that the malicious scripts or apps will also be uninstalled. This method has limitations especially for a severe malware attack since the device cannot be accessed to perform any task.

Option II

The second method through which to get rid of malware on an android device is through the antivirus apps and tools. The antivirus apps provide security for the android device but perhaps most important is the fact that they prevent malware attacks. Besides this, when an antivirus is installed, it will scan and can be used to identify, neutralize and eliminate malware from an android device. it is to be noted that for the antivirus to be installed, the malware infection should not have entirely affected your device.

Option III

The other method which can be used to get rid of malware from a device that has been fully crippled is the use of tools and programs which you could boot from. The programs can be run from the internet but a number of considerations have to be kept in mind. Some of the programs allow for the detection and elimination of threats without changes to the already installed programs. On the other hand, the android device can be wiped clean by installing the operating system afresh. It is always best to have a backup for the android devices since this ensures information is not lost.

It must not always end up at this juncture where malware has completely crippled your android device. Prevention is the best way to keep viruses and other malware from getting into the android device. Removing malware when it has already done the damage is considered acting it is a tad too late. Best practices should be used to keep away from malware which become nastier with passage of time. It is with this knowledge that an individual should know how to get rid of malware on an already infected android device once the unfortunate infection with malware occurs. As earlier pointed out, prevention is the best way to get rid of the malware. Practice safe browsing at all times and have an updated antivirus application.

Malware On Android

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