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Best Android Security App

Updated on January 22, 2013

Best Android Security App


Protect Your Smartphone with the Best Android Security App

With the technological advances seen today, so much can be done with a mobile phone in your hands. Through finding the best android security app, the mobile phone therefore becomes secured and its own will not have a great source of concern. The smartphones have become a mode of conducting business especially for people on the move. Not only is the mobile phone a security concern for business people but for about every other user since the mobile devices are now used for a multiplicity of tasks beside calling and text messaging.

Importance of the Best Android Security Apps

The best android security apps will help protect data, personal information and all other activity which can be achieved with the mobile phone. By choosing any of the best android security apps, you get to enjoy immeasurable benefits since they will both protect the device itself and data carried in it. Highlighted are some of the best android security apps for any android phone and they include the free best android security apps and the priced security apps.


The WaveSecure App

The WaveSecure app from McAfee is specifically aimed for personal security on android devices. The best android security app list will have the app since it offers an extensive range of features. The installation of this security app is straightforward and it carries the capability to control a phone from any computer in the situation it is stolen protecting personal data.


Lookout Security App

The Lookout app is a free app and its numerous security features ensure it is just the best android security app. It serves the functions of protecting the phone from viruses and other malware. It is also important due to the mobile tracking and locking features. Other features that really work to make it one of the best android security apps is that the app is light on the system resources and has the option of backing up all necessary data.


Kaspersky Mobile Security App

The Kaspersky mobile security is a pricey app but has excellent features. When finding the best android security app, the Kaspersky mobile security app is an excellent choice. It is in a position to offer about everything related to mobile security. Tracking, backup and restoration and many more features have been embedded into the app.


Avast! Mobile Security app

The Avast! Mobile Security app is offered free and definitely makes the cut to the best android security apps. The app offers protection for device against malware, offers tracking and locking of the phone from a remote location, it offers web protection and many other features in between. The software is a guarantee that security for you mobile device is taken care of. One last notable feature is that the mobile device if rooted can be installed with the firewall another feature of this security app.

Best Android Security App

The best android security app list given above is not exhaustive but should act as the guide to finding the android security app which will meet all of your security needs. Most of the major cyber security companies will have a mobile security app. It is therefore inherent on an individual to look out for the most prominent features which are a guarantee to the security of the device.


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