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How to maintain your phones

Updated on January 11, 2016
How to maintain phones. The picture is properly designed with illustration.
How to maintain phones. The picture is properly designed with illustration. | Source

The way owners of phones use them determines whether the phones will last long for them or not. Phone maintenance is very important and it positively affects phones. In this article, we will be considering and teaching on the important tips on how to maintain the phones we use in our everyday life.

Statistics has shown that there are over 7 million users of mobile phones all over the world. What we will ask ourselves is how these population maintain these phones to serve them batter and for long time. Some bought their phones within one year and the phones got damaged with the same year. On the other part, some bought their phones and it lasted for them until they decided to change to new ones.

In a nutshell, how to maintain your mobile phones to last long for you, be it Nokia, Apple, Samsung, Smart phones, or any other kind of phones are:

  • Protect your phones with cover;
  • Install good anti-virus (for big phones);
  • First charge appropriately before use;
  • Avoid exposure to heat or water;
  • Lock or password your phones; and
  • Keep away from the reach of children.

Protect your Phones with Cover

Many mobile phone users are quick in purchasing of phones without knowing that adding phone cover is also important as they buy their phones for proper maintenance. The nature of cover you use on your phone determines to a great extent how the phone of yours will last for you. Having phone cover will make you phone to stand its place when it mistakenly falls on the ground or hard object. Take for instance a situation where you bought a new phone without cover and at a point of moving from sitting room to bedroom the phone falls on the ground. What do you think will be the impact of the ground on the phone when it falls on tiles floor? The truth is that the phone will be affected negatively and can start malfunctioning depending on the magnitude of the fall.

But what of when the phone is protected with cover? When the phone in question is protected with durable cover, the phone will be maintained through the protection of its cover. When it falls in that state, the cover of the phone will absorb the shock without it affecting the main phone. Due to the absorption, the main phone becomes protected.

Install Good anti-Virus (for Big Phones)

Ever saved some important data in your phone to check back after few weeks and found out that the data has been corrupted? One of the reasons for such occurrence may be because of weak or no anti-virus used in the mobile phone, which calls for proper phone maintenance.

Installing strong anti-virus in your high capacity mobile phones will protect your phones from experiencing damage of any kind or nature. Appropriately make sure that you have right anti-virus install in your mobile devices to ensure good service life and efficiency. When your phone gets affected by virus, the behavior of the phone will be odd because there are “foreign materials” acting on your phone at that point and can cause more harm as time goes on.

First charge appropriately before use

When you newly buy any phone, it is advisable to first of all charge the battery of that phone using the compatible charger and power source. Ensure that you charge with electricity being supplied by the power generating company of your country. The reason is because the electricity from such source is usually complete unlike when the electricity is supplied by small generator.

It is important to note that charging your phones with small generators will affect the battery life of such phones negatively. You can read how to save battery life of phones to learn more on how to maintain your battery.

Avoid exposure to Heat or Water

This is another way through which phones can be maintained. Exposing your phones to heat will have strong negative effects on the phone in question. How do you feel when you find yourself working under hot sun? Do you thing the intensity of the sun affects you or not? A slight change in skin color if you are fair in complexion will show you that the sun has adverse effect on your body. That is how it is when the phone you use is exposed to heat. It can reduce the lifespan of your phone. So, maintain your phone by keeping it away from the intensity of heat from sun.

Do not allow water to tough your phones. Water does not do any good to phones and therefore should be avoided. The chemical relationships between ions on the circuit of phones and that of water do not concur. So in summary, store your phone in the right place to maintain the phone.

Password your phone. Pass-wording phones will help the owner of the phone to manage his phone properly.
Password your phone. Pass-wording phones will help the owner of the phone to manage his phone properly. | Source

Lock or Password your Phones

This is another step that every phone user needs to take to protect his or her phones from being managed wrongly. When people easily have access to your phones, they can mishandle them, which results to fault development in those phones of yours. To avoid this and maintain any of your phones, you need to lock them with passwords. Ensure that you choose the numbers which you can easily remember when you want to unlock them for your personal use. You can use your date of birth or any you can easily remember.

Mobile phones are made for personal use and you need to guard the information in them. By guarding the information, you manage your phone properly from any who may lack experience on how to operate them.

Keep your phone away from the reach of children for the phone to avoid  being damaged.
Keep your phone away from the reach of children for the phone to avoid being damaged. | Source

Keep away from the reach of Children

Little children do not know much about mobile phones and because of that can pick it up as normal object for playing. Imagine a situation where you are surrounded with little children and you left your phone carelessly and went into sleep, a little child picks the phone and throw it into a container filled with water. What will you do to the child? Kill him or subject him to serious punishment? Little kids do not know much and that is why you need to place your phones where they will not have access to. If you are a mother, father or house help with children around you; ensure that you keep your phones well order wise the children will keep them for you. When you have your little nephews around, also do the same to safeguard your mobile phones and manage them properly.

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