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PHP Tutorial: How to create a database with xampp and phpmyadmin?

Updated on March 1, 2016


Database is no complex thing rather than a storage of properly formatted (arranged) data that can be accessed via various methods or techniques (programmatically). It is simply a set of information stored mostly in a tabular structure. You can either develop your own database as per your choice for storing, retrieving, deleting and updating data OR you can use softwares available in market (both FREE and pricey), which will save your time and energy. The only thing you need to do is to learn "How to access resources(data) in such software's".

As per my own thoughts, It is useless to create your own database because we need to focus on various topics such as security, management, simplicity etc. while creating one. Security is the most important point, so, to secure our data from hackers. MySQL is the most recommended and popular database software available in market and is freely available for download. You can use it to make your first database without much efforts, But it is available in command line Interface.

You can replace command line interface into a Graphical user interface (GUI) by downloading and and installing xampp (Web server software). It came prepackaged with MySQL, phpmyadmin and Apache webserver, Out of this 'phpmyadmin' will act as a user interface for MySQL. 'phpmyadmin' is also the most recommended user interface for MySQL and is very easy to use.

Database tables and attributes
Database tables and attributes

Steps to follow in order to make your 1st database

  1. Download and install xampp on your computer,
  2. Then, Open xampp control panel on your computer,
  3. Click on button labelled with 'Start' beside both 'Apache' and 'MySQL',
  4. Now, click on button labelled with 'admin' beside MySQL,
  5. 'PHPMYADMIN' will open in your default browser,
  6. Now, type the name you want to use for your first database in the field labelled as 'create new database',
  7. And, your first database has been created.
  8. Now, your can create tables and their attributes inside it to store relevant data in them,
  9. But before that you need to learn "How to work with MySQL database", which may already been taught either in your institute or you can search for ebooks on internet.

I hope, This article may helped you in resolving most of your queries easily.

Thanks for reading.


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