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How to Make Your Own Blog on Blogger in Minutes - Easy Tutorial

Updated on September 26, 2014

What is blogger?

Google blogger is what we are talking about here. Blogger is a free online publishing tool for anyone who has a gmail account can start making blogs and publishing them in minutes. So far the easiest way to enter in the world of blogging. In simple words blogger lets you make your own websites blogs where you just have to customize things and enter your content.

This is how your blog will look like, you can change the template anytime you wish to either from blogger templates or use a designer templates available in abu

Template used here is watermark
Template used here is watermark | Source


When i started and let me tell you that it is not too long that i started blogging i use to think that blogging is not my cup of tea but slowly it became easy to start simple blogs in minutes. I am not a professional but i am able to make my blogs without any web designers help, so you can imagine how easy it is to blog. This tutorial is mainly for the new comers, housewives and all those who are on a scratch and want to learn the ABC of blogging. So make your own blog in n ot less than 15 minutes. If you have your content ready then also publish your blog right away and let the people know about you across the globe.

This article will only teach you how to make a blog on let us start,

Step 1- Open your gmail account

The very first step is to open an account on gmail and if you already have one you can simply use that to log in to blogger. Once this is done open blogger and it will take you right away to the bloggers blog list page and will ask you to start your first blog. My blog list page is shown here in the image but this will be empty if you are creating your first blog. Look at the image that will open once you log in to blogger.


Step 2 - Enter the title, blog address and choose a template

Click on the New blog button which can be seen on the left top side in the image. It will ask you to enter the title and address of your blog. You can enter any title as this can be changed very easily anytime by you. But be careful while entering the blog address, as this one is very important step because here you have to decide, take time and enter the address ( of your blog. For this decide your niche and enter the address accordingly or just enter whatever you feel like. This can be changed only when you register your domain in future and till then the url of your blog will remain same what you enter this time. Don't leave spaces when entering the blog address. Please see the images below.

The second image shows the title and blog address entered. It will keep showing whether the blog address entered by you is available or not, if not available then you can think and enter a different address and so on. Keep entering till you get your address shown as available.

As you can see it shows lot of templates that you can choose from. This also can be changed easily anytime and any number of times. So don't worry and choose anyone at this point of time. I have selected the watermark template here.

Once this is done you finally get a blog address available click on the create blog button.

Nothing is entered or selected yet
Nothing is entered or selected yet | Source
Tile and blog address entered - watermark template selected- Step 2
Tile and blog address entered - watermark template selected- Step 2 | Source

Step 3 - Start posting

As you can see in the image below it says that your blog is created and start posting. Clock on that and you will go to the dashboard where you actually make all the changes on your blog like settings, comments, posts, pages, overview etc. This place is very important for all bloggers because as admin of your blog you have to spent most of your time on your dashboard like entering new post, or checking the statistics or to customize your blog and much more. I will add more details about this in my next hub.

Here in the list click on the 'new post' button which is on the left top side of the page.

Click on start posting
Click on start posting | Source
Your dashboard
Your dashboard | Source

Enter Content and add images

Part of step 3, here you see a page just like we are working on ms word or similar stuff. Just enter the title of your post and write the content. You can also copy and paste the content hare if you already have it. In the options there is one image button from where you can easily upload the images from your computer or picasa web albums or from your phone also. Its quite easy to upload images in you post. You can edit the the font size and image position, can also add videos here and jump break your post. Also on the right side you can see the labels button where you can enter the labels related your content. Labels are like menus and are very crucial for each post.More about this in my next hub.

Now when content posting is done and you wish to publish the post right away then click on the publish button or just click on the save button. Even after publishing the page you can update and change the information posted anytime later.

Posting content
Posting content | Source

Blogger is the simplest way to make your own blog,

2.5 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of Blogger

Step 4 - View your blog

All done, now view your blog and it will look like the image below according to my selected template, image, fake content and title. On this page you will see the design button on the right hand side top corner from where you can go back to your dashboard any time for more changes and creating and posting content. This button is visible only when you are logged in.

Hope this was easy and will be helpful to all the beginners. I will keep creating hubs on how to customize your blog, how to add facebook buttons, how to screenshot the images, how to change the blogs template, how to add widgets etc.

Final look of your blog - Watermark template



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