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How to move or change the location of My Documents to a different drive location

Updated on June 6, 2011

My Documents is one of the important part of your computer if you are a Windows user. All the documents i.e. if you want to save any file or picture or movie or music, then the default saving location is My Documents. So, it's very important for any type of user. But if you loose this folder, do you imagine how much it will affect you? Virus is a common problem. Or, Windows crash is also a common problem. So, either your PC is virus affected or your computer's operating system is crashed, then you will face a great trouble. So, to solve this great issue, you must have to careful about My Document's location. You can change the default location to any other place of your computer. If you do it, you may solve many types of problem easily. In this page, I will explain how to move or change the location of My Documents of your windows machine. So, just keep reading...

How to move "My Documents" folder?

  • Right click on My Documents folder and then select Properties.
  • "My Documents Properties" window will be opened and select Move form it. Now, Select a Destination window will be opened and give the destination address. For example, for my case I choose H drive for saving my documents files and folders. Now, click on OK button.

Next, click on Apply button of "My Documents Properties" window and very soon "Move Documents" window will be open asking you the following things:

Would you like to move all of the documents in your old location to the new location you have chosen?

It means that it asks your permission to change My Documents saving location to your desired location instead of it's default location. Click Yes and wait until all the tasks completes. After finished, a confirmation message will be come saying you that all tasks have been complete.

At last, click on OK button and finished My Documents new location to save all of your documents and be safe from a system crash.

By following the above steps, you can easily move or change the location of My Documents to a different drive location. This will help you much to save your documents.

© Written by rancidTaste

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