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How to remove the new Facebook email address from your profile.

Updated on June 19, 2013
How To Remove The New Facebook Email Address From Your Facebook Profile
How To Remove The New Facebook Email Address From Your Facebook Profile

Waking up to changes on Facebook is all too common and this is the newest in the recent rollouts.

The new Facebook Email Address.

A change that was introduced without any warning and a change that will impact the way we can be contacted.

It has not changed the way that you log on to your profile, nor the way that you are informed of updates to status changes, friend requests or the general facebook notifications, however it will prevent anyone from getting access to your email address.

Now, depending on your preferences, this may or may not be a good thing.

If you are generally happy for people to locate you via your email address, or you are are happy for people to contact you directly via your email address, this has now been removed.

This means that any messages you receive will be automatically forwarded to your Facebook profile inbox.

Facebook has just launched a new setting which has changed each and every user's default email address on our profile.

The new default email address is now (your profile name)

The most annoying part of this change is that is was so secretive and no one was provided with the option of opting out. Yes, that is right, it was a forced change.

However do not worry, there is a quick and very easy way to change your email address back to what it was, or alternatively to any email address you want.

Facebook Update Info Button
Facebook Update Info Button

Facebook Changed Your Email Address - Here is how to change it back

1. Log onto Facebook and go to your personal profile page.

2. On your Timeline, select the 'Update Info' button. Alternatively you can select 'About'.

Facebook Email Address
Facebook Email Address

3. Scroll down until you find your 'Contact Info' box, and select Edit.

4. You will clearly be able to see all of your email address listed there. What you will also see now is a new @facebook email address, which is set as the new default.

5. To change the default, simply find your personal (or preferred) email address and select the down arrow.

6. Select 'Show on Timeline'. This will change the default to your original email address.

7. You must now hide the Facebook email address by moving to the new @facebook email address and selecting the down arrow and choosing the 'Hidden From Timeline' option.

8. Make sure you click Save at the bottom.

New and Original Facebook Email Address
New and Original Facebook Email Address
How to amend email privacy options
How to amend email privacy options

Email Address Privacy Settings

Whilst you are making changes to your contact information, it may be a good time to review your email privacy settings.

You have the option of selecting the level of privacy for your email address so make sure you are comfortable with the settings.

You can choose to have your email address shown to the public, to your friends or hidden and only visible to yourself.

To alter, simply select the drop down box and choose the option that best suits you.

Use Facebook To Make Money
Use Facebook To Make Money | Source

Change is inevitable in today's world, however keeping up to date is often hard. Hopefully this has helped you.

If you are happy the change however, there is no reason to change. If you like the idea of using your facebook email address as a new form of identify then all you need to do is just be aware that a change has occurred.

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    • profile image

      school at home 5 years ago from Australia

      To answer breath2travel, the answer to that one is that you do not pay for FB. They have to make money as a company, and this is done by making you the product. FB is their conduit into you -- the marketing target, and a source of marketing intelligence. So they change things because they are not serving you, they are serving their customers and those are the ones that pay for advertising or market intelligence or game-dollars. They change things because they can, and because it increases profit or enhances the chance of profit.

    • WorkAtHomeMums profile image

      WorkAtHomeMums 5 years ago from Australia

      Thank you for sharing. The message needs to get out before people start wondering what is going on.

    • breathe2travel profile image

      breathe2travel 5 years ago from Gulf Coast, USA

      Why do the people at FB think they need to continuously change things? Voted up, useful & interesting. I am sharing on FACEBOOK! :)