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How to set up the Samsung Solstice SGH-a887 (or any Samsung Phone) for USB Connection

Updated on January 2, 2011
Samsung Solstice SGH-a887 Mobile Phone
Samsung Solstice SGH-a887 Mobile Phone | Source


It takes more than inserting the right USB cable to your Samsung Solstice SGH-a887.  The cell phone might be set up to store data to internal memory or external memory via micro SD card.  Here is an illustrated example for preparing your Samsung mobile phone to communicate with a cable.

Setting Up Samsung Phone For USB Connectivity

With the USB cable not connected, turn on your phone to get to the first screen.  There will be a menu icon on the lower left.  With your finger, select this by touching the icon through the display or use the phone button under the icon. 

In the menu selection, pick settings as shown below.

In the Settings options, choose Connectivity circled in red below.

In the Connectivity choices, pick "Select USB Mode."

In the "Select USB Mode" screen, in order to use the USB cable and connect to the computer you must choose Samsung PC Studio. PC Studio is the software you must use to download pictures, video, music, and other files from the Samsung phone to the computer.  The phone drivers are included with PC Studio too which makes the software a complete package.  The DataPilot software is another product you can use to transfer files between phone and computer but it is more cumbersome to set up the connection.

That's it.  Once the Samsung PC Studio has been installed on your computer you can connect the correct USB cable between the phone and computer.  The software installation instructions can be found in


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