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How to use Siri, Voice Control and iTunes Match in iPhone ?

Updated on May 17, 2016

In this hub let us check out how to use Siri, Voice Control and iTunes Match.

How to use Siri or Voice Control?

To control music playback, you can use Voice Control or Sri. Sri is available in iPhone 4S or its later versions.

To use Siri or Voice Control you need to press and hold the Home button.

  • To pause music you should “say” stop / pause music / pause.
  • To find out more about the song which is currently playing you should “say” who is this song by / who sings this song / what’s playing.
  • To play music you should “say” play music / play.
  • For playing a playlist, artist or an album you should say “play” and then playlist / artist / album as well as the name.
  • To listen to the next song you should “say” next song.
  • To shuffle the current playlist you should “say” shuffle.
  • To listen to the previous song you should “say” previous song.
  • To use Genius for playing similar songs, you should “say” play more songs like this / Genius.


What is iTunes Match?

iTunes Match is a paid service which allows storing of music library in the iCloud. In the iCloud you can also store the songs that you have got from the CDs. iTunes Match allows you to play the songs on the computer, iOS devices and also on the iPhone. You can also listen to iTunes Radio through iTunes Match.

If you want to subscribe to “iTunes Match” then in iTunes on the PC select “Store” --> “Turn On iTunes Match,” now click on the “Subscribe” option. To the iCloud, iTunes adds your Genius Mixes, music, and playlists after subscription.

How to turn-on iTunes Match?

For turning-on iTunes Match you should select “Settings” --> “Music.” Synced music from the iPhone is removed when you turn-on iTunes Match.

When songs are played they get downloaded to the iPhone. While browsing, the albums and songs can be manually downloaded, for doing this “tap” on the icon shown in the figure 2.

Starting from the oldest and the least played songs all the music which you have downloaded to the iPhone is automatically removed when iTunes Match is on.

Whenever the albums and songs are removed from the iPhone an iCloud icon as shown in the figure 2 is displayed next to the albums and the songs. The icon indicates that the albums and songs are now only available via iCloud.

How to remove an album or a song?

To remove an album or a song, just “swipe” left and then “tap” Delete.

How to show music that has been downloaded from iCloud?

To show music that has been downloaded from iCloud. You should select “Settings” --> “Music,” now “turn off” Show All Music.

How to remove iPhone from the list of iTunes in the Cloud devices?

To remove iPhone from the list of ‘iTunes in the Cloud’ devices, you need to go to iTunes on the PC, here select “Store” --> “View Account.” Now “Sign-in” and then select Manage Devices in the ‘iTunes in the Cloud.’

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This hub provides general information about an iPhone and it is applicable to iPhone 4S & all its latest versions.

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