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How to view/ open pdf files from your ordinary mobile phones- How to read it with Opera Mini?

Updated on July 18, 2012

Things you'll need:

1. Opera Mini Browser

2. Two email accounts, at least one of which is gmail

3. An active internet connection


1. Open the website that hosts the pdf file.

2. Click on the link to the pdf file.

3. A page will open, prompting you to save or open the file. Save it in a convenient location. (Note- This step may vary depending on your version of Opera Mini. Proceed accordingly and save the file on your phone.)

4. Login to your email account other than gmail. Compose a new mail, attach the pdf file from your phone, and email it to your gmail account.

5. Login to your gmail account. The default view is usually Mobile. Switch to Basic HTML view from the bottom of the page.

6. Open the email you just sent. The name of attachment will be displayed, along with the option "View as Html." Click on it, and your pdf file will open.

Note- Images cannot be displayed.


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