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How To Transfer Files From Your Old Computer To Your New Computer

Updated on June 1, 2010

Using the F.A.S.T. Wizard

So, you've finally upgraded to a new computer. You're excited, because this probably means that you have a cleaner, faster computer and new, update programs to play with. But, you also have some work to do because you've got files on your old computer that you'll need to put on the new computer since you use them or need to access them on a regular basis. So, you have to transfer the files from one computer to another. Sounds easy enough. Right? Yes. Here's how to do it:

Steps to transfer files from one computer to another:

Step One: Turn on the computer that you want to transfer files from. In your case, this is probably the old computer that you're not planning to use any more.

Step Two: Go to the Start Menu. Follow the links to Programs, then Accessories, then System Tools and finally "Files and Settings Transfer Wizard". This latter button is also known as F.A.S.T.; that's good news for you because if it goes right, you're going to be using that new computer in no time.

Step Three: Follow the instructions on the F.A.S.T. Wizard program. These should be clear.

Step Three, Part One: First, you will choose which computer you are on (easy enough, you're on the old one).

Step Three, Part Two: Then you'll choose how to transfer the files (you can use a floppy disk, a direct cable or a small home network; the latter is a common method of file transfer between old and new computers).

Step Three, Part Three: Next, you'll select whether you want to transfer just files or also files and settings. Unless you're making some big changes when you go to use the new computer, you'll probably want to select to transfer both the files and the settings from your old computer to your new computer.

Step Four: Turn on the computer that you want to transfer files to. In your case, this is probably the new computer that you're excited to start using soon.

Step Five: Repeat "Step Two" on the new computer to access the F.A.S.T. Wizard.

Step Six: Follow the instructions on the F.A.S.T. Wizard program. These should be clear.

Step Six, Part One: Choose the computer that you are on (easy again, now you're on the new computer).

Step Six, Part Two: You will be given a series of options for how to complete the transfer. If you followed the above steps, the choice that you will want to make reads: "I don't need the Wizard Disk. I have already collected my files and settings from my old computer."

Step Six, Part Three: Choose the location where the files were saved on your old computer for transferring them to your new computer.

Step Seven: Having completed all of the instructions the F.A.S.T. Wizard, your files should now be transferred. Restart your new computer and double-check to make sure that everything went smoothly. Your files from your old computer should appear intact on your new computer.

So, the process for transferring files from your old computer to your new computer is an easy one. If you're going to be selling or merely not using the old computer anymore, you should remove the files from the old computer after the transfer. Make sure that you back-up the files before you delete them in case something ever goes wrong with your new computer and you need to retrieve those files. Now, you're all set. Enjoy your fast new computer!


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  • profile image

    yunda 3 years ago

    I suggest you try, I think it is a wonderful program to transfer files from your old computer to your new computer over the network. It can also help to share your computer files and folders to let other networked users download anytime.

  • profile image

    kinni 5 years ago


  • profile image

    JAMES SHEPPARD 5 years ago




  • profile image

    Bud32282 5 years ago

    Does the deleted info. from the old transfer to the new also?

  • profile image

    Wanda 6 years ago

    Do I hook up both old and new computer to gather my files to tranfer to new pc, and how do I do that?

  • profile image

    Appmen 6 years ago

    You may consider to use WET (windows easy transfer) and PickMeApp: two free solutions to migrate from XP to Windows 7. WET may transfer your XP program settings to Win 7 while portable PickMeApp tool may transfer programs from XP to Windows 7. PickMeApp claims to support unlimited number of programs.

  • profile image

    kimduffy1 7 years ago

    hi there i am getting a new pc form santa, this one is xp, and new one is windows 7, if i transer everything over including setting, how does that work? does it change my new comp to xp? that maybe a silly Q but i don't know, how can setting go from xp to windows 7? please help?

  • profile image

    Laplink? 7 years ago

    I used PC Mover and it transferred my programs only partially.

    I then turned to Zinstall - these guys did a much better job transferring all my files and programs.

  • stevenjs profile image

    stevenjs 9 years ago from New York, New York

    This 'how to' fails for a number of reasons, ranging from the absence of a syllable on how the new and old computer talk to each other, and ending with the fact that software applications are neither 'files' nor 'settings' but both at once, and -- correct me if I'm wrong -- FAST does nothing to transfer software applications.