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How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note N7000

Updated on October 30, 2014

You can also root your Samsung Galaxy Note Mobile Easily

Here is an easy step-by-step guide to root Samsung Galaxy Note mobile phone. Please note that this guide is for the original Galaxy Note. Don’t try this method on Note 2 or any other phone.

I have tested this method on my friend’s girlfriend’s Galaxy Note. It was successful and she was so happy that she has promised me to help dating her best friend! So, here you can see that rooting is also associated with dating. You can do it quiet easily, just follow this guide religiously.

To root your Samsung Galaxy Note you should have to follow the steps
To root your Samsung Galaxy Note you should have to follow the steps | Source

What is Rooting?

It is not possible that every user of SGN will be familiar with this root thing. It is sure that most of you have heard the term but some of you have no idea what kind of beast is this.

Every Android phone has a special administrator access. This is controlled by the manufacturer. The users are not allowed to access the core system areas of the handset unlike a PC. Rooting is nothing but hacking to get entry to all areas of your phone. By rooting it you can recover the full right of your phone.

So, you can use special programs and scripts on it which need to have special administrator permission like changing the clock speed of your phone’s CPU or installing a custom ROM.

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Advantages of Rooting your Galaxy Note

Why do people root an Android device?

It is because it gives you freedom to do many things with your cellphone which is not possible without rooting. You can use custom ROMs on your phone. Custom ROMs are better than the company supplied ones. You may update your phone without waiting for the manufacturers or carriers whim. You can overclock the cpu to make your phone snappier. You can make your phone run smoother and faster. A rooted phone can support many special apps which are specially developed. In short, the possibilities are endless.

Some of the popular models of Galaxy Note

Model No:
Original model
Australia & Thailand
Otimized for 850 MHZ 3G
Hong Kong & Singapore
1800/2600 MHz LTE
Canda & USA
LTE version


You shall take some special precautions before trying this method –

1) The phone should be charged enough to be on for the entire process. If the phone can not last long to the end of the root, it can be problematic. So, charge it to a minimum level of 70%.

2) It is better to backup your phone with the emails and contacts etc. Otherwise, you may lose data during the rooting.

3) Seek help from an experienced fellow if you are a complete novice.


This guide is an educational one. You shall be sane enough to understand that rooting your phone is not completely risk free. The author or this website will not be held responsible if your phone gets damaged during the rooting. So, you shall have to proceed on your own risk.


· The Samsung Galaxy Note mobile handset, mode no: N7000

· A Pc or Netbook.

· An USB data cable

· Stable internet connection


1) Power on your PC.

2) Now download this file : Root_busybox *.zip

3) Now it is the time to connect the handset with the PC with the data cable. So do it.

4) Transfer the downloaded zip named “” to the Galaxy Note’s external SD card.

5) Plug out the phone from the PC.

6) Now reboot the phone into recovery mode by pressing Vol Up + Home + Power while booting.

7) Now select “apply update from external storage” and select the zip file.

Note: touch screen will not work on recovery mode. You need to use volume up / down keys to navigate and the power button to hit.

8) Now the phone will be flashed.

9) After the end of the installation process, reboot the phone and enjoy!


There are many versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note mobile phone that is why this guide may not work for each and every version of the phone. For more information, you can check this post. Feel free to let us know what happened when you tried this method on your own handset?


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    • profile image

      Cuong 4 years ago

      It is possible on Samsung Galaxy Note LTE SC05D from Docomo Japan ?

    • alekbuddy profile image

      alekbuddy 4 years ago

      is touch screen made by Kiosk softwares ?