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Human Communication in the Digital World: I am a Hub Page

Updated on August 7, 2014

A whole new Hub

Here we are. All of us 'Hubbing'. I've gone beyond flesh and blood to digitally immortal. Yet, none of us know anymore about one another that we did yesterday. I am the face I want you to see, the things about me, I want you to know. A profile picture, a 'like'....a friend....a follower...a fan.

When MySpace began, I was a kid-ish in a virtual candy store. We worked in the arts and this was the Marketing department, a free place to share what's happening. It was was connecting, however, most often, it led to an actual, digital free meeting....cultivating in a live performance or a shared experience.

When Facebook began, I again was filled with the childlike glow. Can this be real? We can find a friend anywhere in the world? Can it be possible for the business owner to focus on their direct demographic clientele and build a personal relationship from the comfort of a PC....Yes! Will this allow small business owners to network in a greater capacity, saving valuable time, money and gas....Yes! Wow, thanks Facebook, what a really great thing to do. Sure, you're selling my information to third parties, but I did check the box that said I had read the terms and conditions, when clearly, I had not. It seemed like a fair exchange at the time.

Equal footed and poised in the Digital race was Google. Once again, I am astonished at the intelligence of the up and comers, the ability to search anything about anything...what a concept. It was a new playing field, one that allowed businesses and people to be balanced in their ability to find one another. Did I expect this to be free? Well yes, I did...because it was and still is, but not really. Organic marketing, the digital equivalent to free trade, is almost nonexistent and it crosses over to Social interaction, our news feeds are fair game. If we choose to participate, we have no choice.

And yet here I am hubbing. Infuriated and still inspired.

What really concerns me (other than the aforementioned) is that is has come so fast, we don't know what hit us. Some have grown up with it, others adapted with enthusiasm or distaste and here we are. Communicating more of ourselves than ever before and yet, only having a multifaceted one dimensional conversation, one post, one text, one like at a time.

I think in the fascination of all things virtual, the amazing genius that exists, always has been and forever will be...human communication....the touch, the look, the tone of voice is what makes our experiences meaningful and real. Even if communication is challenging....breaking up by text is not okay. (Disclaimer: I was not, nor have I ever been 'broken up with' by text....other ways, but not text....Break up by text is now classified as a social norm....Good LORD!)

In this blog series, we will use and explore Digital Innovation and its affect on Human communication. Can we as generations come together and find a neutral that values the characteristics of the verbal, non verbal and virtual.? Yes, I believe in us. Come along for the ride.

Social Stacie


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