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I Blog Like I Mean It

Updated on May 28, 2014

As a warning I advise that I am not artful or gifted, I am not the proprietor of some immense truth that must be shared. I am not interested in pushing ideas onto an unsuspecting audience about my crazy conspiracy about Bigfoot organizing a UFO landing during the Kennedy assassination while the Illuminati took council with the shape-shifting Reptilians of Alpha Centauri 5 at Disney World.

I tell every single client that their website needs a blog, no matter what they offer. It doesn’t matter if they are writers who have never finished a haiku much less a full page, the point is to share the experiences you have with an audience; no matter the size. I do not spend my days creating content for blogs and like many who never blogged before, I sometimes feel a little exposed when addressing an audience.

When you start blogging you may find yourself to be your own biggest critic. Like Twitter blogging takes practice and time, the more you do it the easier it becomes and the better you will do. To develop your skills you need to have a very short memory, willing to forget bad posts or critical comments and push forward. Remember, the more you write the better you will get.

Becoming a respected blogger and performing at Carnegie Hall both take the same steps; Practice, Practice, Practice.

Try your ideas a paragraph at a time but stay to the theme. Keep in mind pushing as words as fast as possible onto the screen from your mind is not the best way to write and may provide you the opposite of desired results. Don’t think about how long or short your post is just keep going until you have written that last word. When your topic is done, review and ensure it is coherent.

Once you get into the habit of writing it will be easy to keep it up. For practice you may want to seek out topics you can respond to intelligently, regardless of what it is the more you write the better you will get.

My name is Jennifer Yaniz and I am a Blogger.

I currently work and live the Internet marketing industry, slaving at the salt mines and pyramids that are, PPC, SEO and Social Media marketing.

At my job I was once forced to blog, now I do so voluntarily and get paid doing it.

At work I deliver a specific message, which encodes in your brain with a clear commercial undertone and then mystify you into buying my client’s goods or services. In this way I will hopefully create new customers and a wider audience who will also eventually become buyers.

At home, I blog to blow off some steam or provide simple SEO tips or insights to others mostly because I am one of those people who can’t watch TV without simultaneously working on a laptop and talking to my husband while petting the cat. My thin pets, pasty untanned skin and lack of living plants are a fair measure of how much time I spend working online.

I am an Internet Valkyrie!


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