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I-Phone from Apple

Updated on March 16, 2011


 Iphones are everywhere, find out what makes them so popular.

IPhone benefits

 Iphones seem to be evrywhere these days and with prices coming down you will only see more of them. There are many reason for their popularity.

1. Style - The look of the phones is sleek and simple yet very functional.  They can be put in your pocket without any problems while allowing you to have access to them.  The feel of the Iphone is attractive as well, it feels like an extension of your hand.

2. Features - Digital camera, video recording, internet access, e-mail's, text, you name it this phone has it.  The apps are perhaps its greatest feature which allow you to add a site by simply downloading a application widget on your phone.  If you want to go to that website tough the app. and your there, no typing involved.

3. Price - The Iphone first cost $600 when it came out and now can be bought for less than $200.  The phone is much better now then when it cost $600 for sure.  New features like the video recording and 4G for faster internet speed.


 The IPhone stands on top of the smartphones  with only the blackberry in competition.  The price seems right to try out a phone that really replaces the computer.


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