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iPad 3: Latest Rumours & Possible Release Date

Updated on March 17, 2012

iPad 3 or iPhone 5 first for 2012?

iPad 3 is coming possible with a whole load of new improvements. The arrival of Apple’s much awaited iPad 2 tablet last year cause quite a stir, and still is, as more and more people are discovering this new form of portable computing. Yet, despite its clean looks, unique design and technology, many people felt as if Apple could have done a lot more with it in terms of features.

One of the more glaring omissions is a decent HD camera, which is essential for a lot of social networking and FaceTime. While others felt its lack of multitasking and flash was a big let down. However, as we all know, Apple never stands still, and is always re-designing and greatly improving its products. There will be an iPad 3, probably next year, where there is a chance to rectify these omissions. But, what would you like to see on the iPad3?

Here is a few likely possibilities :

Decent HD Webcam / Camera(s) :

This is the most requested and most likely feature added to an new iPad. Not only is it important for social networking, it is highly likely that the new version will feature FaceTime, Apple’s one tap video calling programme, that now features on the iPhone 4S, and is available to download on to Macs too.

Retina Display :

Another feature of the iPhone 4S is the stunning Retina display, which surely become a feature of the iPad 3 as well. The Retina display’s pixel density is so high, your are unable to distinguish individual pixels, and has set the new standard for mobile phone and tablet displays.

Thinner & Lighter :

Again, going back to the iPhone 4’s unique design of the glass panels back and front and a metal rim all the way around, could be the look for the new iPad giving it a skinnier frame and external antenna, making it slightly lighter. Likewise, the previous brushed aluminium back, and perhaps thinner glass could be the way forward. After setting the standards, any plastic backing would feel too cheap.

Connections :

Many believe that original iPads are lacking enough docks. An essential requirement is a USB connection, so you don't have to use Apple's proprietary standard connection. . Further additional docks could include HDMI or DVI output, or perhaps a mini USB port.

Screen Size :

Have Apple got the size right? There are rumours of a mini 7 inch version, which will be easier to carry, or does the iPad need to be a bit bigger at say 11 inches, or even 13 inches, the same size as the MacBook?

Colour :

Yes, the possibilities are endless. The iPad is now officially a fashion statement. So how about a full spectrum of coloured iPads like the iPod Nanos? Although, the white version of the iPhone 4S has still not made it onto the market yet.

Internals :

Most will agree that the iPad needs more RAM, more battery power and video technology, but these will have to increase in any case to cope with the predicted Retina display and multitasking.

Software :

The next iPad will feature iOS 5 or even higher, which will include HD FaceTime, multitasking and some of the goodies incorporated into Mac OS X Lion, or just include some of the best features from the iPhone, iPad and Mac range.

Steve Job’s Crystal Ball has not retired :

The above is just a small list of what Apple could include in their new iPad. A lot has to do with getting the pricing right and how much you can include to make it cost effective. Of course, without seeing into Apple’s Steve Job’s crystal ball, all that we can do is just take an educated guess and speculate like mad. No doubts, iPad 3 will satisfy most needs when it is finally launched.

To Buy, or Not to Buy Now :

However, the question is now, if you were considering to buy an iPad 2 in the near future, do you get the original version, or do you hang on a bit to see what delights the new iPad 3 has to offer?

Perhaps you have other ideas and views as to how Apple should proceed with their new iPad. Everybody has different tastes and requires different things out of their computers, and it will be interesting to hear your views on what the new iPad should or should not feature.

** Please feel free to leave a comment….I will be interested to hear your views on iPad 3.

© David Lloyd-Jones - Copyright 2010

All Imaged of the new iPad 2 - thanks to
All Imaged of the new iPad 2 - thanks to


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      TYVM you've solved all my prmeblos

    • profile image

      janel tingson 

      8 years ago

      Will you get married this year? Ask the ball how will you do? With the new iPhone and iPod Touch application, be amazed with the answers!

    • mahadevank profile image


      10 years ago from Bangalore

      Seems like it might release in Feb...crossing my fingers! :)

    • Midnight Oil profile imageAUTHOR

      Midnight Oil 

      10 years ago from Isle of Man UK

      Thank you for the comments. It's coming, the question is when. Early spring, or summer perhaps.

    • inkanet profile image


      10 years ago

      There was no official anouncment yet, so I don't belive it will be out so soon.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I was planning to buy one really soon. But reading that February is possible the launch date of iPad 2, I guess it's worth a lot to wait several weeks. The projected features seem to be so value-added. Thanks!


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