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Identity Thefts – Are You in a Safe Zone?

Updated on July 3, 2016

Identity Thefts - Do you think you are safe!!

Just because identity thefts are at it's high, it becomes essential to find out whether we are in a safe zone or already under the target of hackers.

Your credit card is one of an essential commodities your wallet contains. Just because credit card shopping is on its verge, Internet scams are also at its high. Technology has not only bestowed us with convenience, but has also exposed us to several new methods of scams that are happening on an everyday basis.

I am in the banking industry for the last twenty years and feel amazed to see the present day scenario compared to that of an about a decade or two. Today, most of the deals are done on online basis compared to the old paperwork. Undoubtedly, things are far more convenient in the present times, but when I look back, it makes me realize that thefts and scams done in the current times are also far more advanced compared to the olden days.

Stay safe from identity theft
Stay safe from identity theft

As most of the documents like credit cards, debit cards, driver’s license and passports come with an embedded RFID chip that transmit a particular kind of information on a wireless basis so that your identity gets verified and can allow you to make purchases without card swiping. The biggest drawback of the concept is that anyone having an RFID reader can steal the information they want without the knowledge of the card owner.

Hackers specialize in the art of hacking your sensitive information through a specialized degree of electronic pickpocketing that can ruin you, and can leave you with a zero account balance. It is tough to trust people these days. The chances are that you may become the unfortunate victim of identity theft in the future that too without your knowledge.

I have seen many people being the prey of such thieves in these twenty years. Surveys have proven that in a country like the United States, one out of every 30 Americans becomes an unfortunate victim of identity theft. Hence, it becomes imperative to make use of all the possible safety measures for safeguarding your private data from getting hacked and exploited in today’s high-tech world.

Tips to Keep Yourself Safe from Identity Thieves

Here are a few tips to keep away such identity thieves from yourselves:

  • When it comes to creating a password for your social media account or bank PIN number, choose clever passwords. Don’t use passwords denoting your birthday or birth year. Even avoid using names that are easy to crack.
  • Do not click on scam advertisements that offer free products. Also, do not respond to scam emails where they announce you as a winner of a lottery. These are all tricks to take you under your clutches to steal your information.
  • Often people post stories to your email account about their life struggle to attract your attention. Avoid such stories and do not respond to such messages. These are all tricks that such thieves make use of to get your information.
  • Online shopping is the trend of the present times. So make sure to do your shopping from reliable eCommerce websites or you may jeopardize your identity.

These are a few of the foolproof solutions to keep yourself in a safe zone, but if you want to protect yourself from digital frauds, RFID credit card sleeve protectors are one of the best commodities available on the market to help you stay secure.

Find out the ways to keep yourself safe from identity thieves

The development of RFID blocking sleeves makes use of advanced technology that is less vulnerable to such frauds. It is a prudent option that offers mental security and help you keep your information confidential.

Just do a little research and you will get to know that a lot of online stores deal with RFID blocking sleeves at competitive prices.

RFID blocking sleeve
RFID blocking sleeve

RFID sleeve protection system is an advanced way to keep your identity safe from identity thieves. Though, identity theft is not only done through the means of credit or debit cards, there are other ways too. It is important to understand that the ways of identity theft are getting more advanced with each passing day. We need to be responsible enough to safeguard ourselves from such unfortunate happenings.

You can always consult specialists who can help you stay safe by offering tips on identity theft protection measures.

Don't you think prevention is better than cure. Better, follow safety measures than repenting in the future.


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