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Imageo CandleLight by Phillips - Induction Charging for up to 20 Hrs

Updated on July 8, 2014


Imageo Candlelight by Phillips provides just the perfect touch to any room or outdoor space. They are wireless, uncomplicated and easy to use. The individual faux candles can be nested together or they can be separated and used as 3 single light sources. Setting the mood for romance is easy. Setting the mood for fun is easy. Setting the mood for an intimate dinner party is easy.

After 10 hours of charging you can enjoy 20 hours of candlelight without the worry of soot, heat or fire damage. Your kids and pets are never in danger from them and if you make a quick dash to the store or fall in bed exhausted and forget to turn them off – no problem. Each Imageo Candle charges by induction while sitting in the provided base that can also be used for storing the 3 Imageo Candles. There are no visible on-off switches on the Candles and there is a single electric cord that attaches to the base. You can place them as you wish – not how the designer decided you should place them. Turning the Imageo Candles on and off is fun – simply tilt them to activate the hidden on-off switch.

A soft glow with flickering light is hard to accomplish without exposing your home and family to the dangers of a real wax candle with a live flame.

Outdoor parties lasting into the evening are best when the light source is not harsh and in your guest’s eyes. At the same time – illumination is important so they can see obstacles and the great food that you have prepared.

Indoors there are times when a little light is better than total illumination. A media room needs to be dark but you don’t want anyone tripping on the way to the kitchen or bathroom. Romantic dinners don’t have to be expensive. Cook favorite dishes and enjoy them by Imageo Candlelight.

Kids love to camp out in the back yard or even in the den. Real candles would be out of the question but the Phillips Imageo Candles are perfect to pretend by. If you go camping for real the same lighting principles apply.

The Phillips Imageo Candles are at home in any décor

The 3 Candles are opaque white with the look of a yellow flame inside

The base is silver and is the shape of 3 interconnected circles

The Imageo Candles can be used separately or grouped together in or out of the base

Candlelight will last through even the longest events and recharging is accomplished by simply setting the Imageo Candles onto their base

A full charge from near total discharge may take up to 10 hours

The Phillips Imageo Candles would make very good gifts for anyone that enjoys entertaining or that simply loves candles.

Holiday window displays are made safe by using faux candles that stay charged for a long time – these will last up to 20 hours straight. Tilt them to turn them off during the day and tilt them to turn them on after dark.

Table decorations can be accented with the Imageo Candles for intimate dinner parties or for large holiday dinners.

The uses are endless and are only limited by your own imagination.

Battery powered BeesWax Candles may also suit your needs. 


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    • profile image

      zampano 6 years ago

      Hi. I think you're an excellent sales writer!

      (much probably among other writing specialities)

      Congratulations for the very interesting, light, fluid and clear text.

      I'll be checking for this product on stores.

      Thank you

    • Debbie Cook profile image

      Debbie Cook 6 years ago from USA

      Thank you annaw

    • annaw profile image

      annaw 6 years ago from North Texas

      Good Hub Debbie, I love candle light but am always concerned about the soot. Traditional candles can be pricey too, so at the end of the day I would rather pay some of the prices of items listed and get more for about same amount of money - in more ways than one. I voted this up and useful. Thanks.