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The Importance of never Quitting the SEO Work

Updated on March 9, 2018
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Liku "Luke" Zelleke is a writer, editor, and Digital Marketing Manager at Website Content Writers. He has a deep passion for writing.

SEO - non-stop part of online work
SEO - non-stop part of online work

Most people think that when they hear stories of web site owners that have struck it rich and have a passive income of thousands think that it is all easy work that can be done once, part-time and left alone. But what the owners of the sites do not advertize is the amount of effort and time that has been put into the sites. Without search engine optimization (SEO) a website is nothing. And SEO needs a lot of work!

What is it?

SEO is the ‘tweaking’ that is done to make a web page as visible as possible to search engines, usually the most popular of them – Google. A little bit here and a little bit there is done to keep pushing the pages’ ranks to the top of the search results pages. This will allow more people to click on the links and hence go and visit the web page.

Why not to Quit1

So, what happens when the page has reached the top of the results page? Well, the only way left is downwards. And that is exactly where it will go, page 2 then page 5 and so on until it is lost deep in the results. UNLESS the number one position is maintained; and the only way to do that is to keep on working on modifying the SEO techniques that made the page climb the list in the first place. A good SEO professional will immediately start looking for the weaknesses in his or her page and compare it to the competitors’ strengths to find out and correct the problems. The most important thing not to forget here is the fact that right now there are billions of web pages and thousands of them being created every day. Sooner or later the numbers game will have the upper hand and bring down even the highest ranking page. It is quick improvement on SEO techniques that will keep a page floating at the top.

Another reason to keep working on SEO is the mere fact that the administrator must always keep in mind that technology will shift rapidly and that what is the ‘in’ thing might find it either outdated and useless or outright no longer allowed, leading to being banned from indexes. A good example for the former is the usage of tags that would drive rankings high with good keywords while for the latter ‘keyword stuffing’ is a good one: there was a time when pages used to reach the top of the search lists with only a few keywords written a thousand times over. That is a sure way of getting black listed by Google nowadays.

One final reason to make sure that SEO is an ongoing process is the mere fact that when there are too many cheaters out there search engines make sure they penalize them by completely rewriting their algorithms2. Until the dust settles and the real content starts to float back to the top there is a lot of confusion and SEO work that needs to be done to adapt to the new algorithm, if for nothing else.

SEO is a full time, non-stop job.

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