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Increasing Your Number Of Twitter Followers

Updated on August 8, 2014

Social networking is very important when you want to get your message out there. One of the most popular sites in this respect is Twitter. Twitter is presently the #9 site on the internet in terms of traffic based on Alexa ranking. The challenge is how do you increase the number of people following you on Twitter since you are never sure if those whom you follow will follow you back and there is a limit where you can only follow two thousand people. Here are three methods that you can utilize.

Followback Hashtags

One of the best ways to do this whether you are using Tweetadder or other software or probably none at all is to use tags called hashtags where the word “followback” or some variation is included. Here are some of the most popular “Followback” hashtags that you can use.

(1)   #followback

(2)   #teamfollowback

(3)   #operationfollowback

(4)   #followforfollow

(5)   #follow4follow

(6)   #f4f (the shortened form of the above)

(7)   #followbackarmy

(8)   #ifollowback

(9)   #wefollowback

(10) #instantfollowback

(11) #wefollow

(12) #massfollow

(13)  #followandgain

(14) #followme

(15) #follows

(16)  #freefollow

(17) #freefollows

Get a Targeted Audience

Another good method, though less certain in its results, is to search for people who have similar interests stated in their profile. This will give you a targeted audience. A smaller, targeted audience may give you a larger readership than having a larger following of people who only added you because you added them.

Unfollow those who do not follow you

After some days pass and you realize that that hundreds that you follow do not follow you back, do not despair. Since there is presently a limit to following two thousand people, use the Tweetadder tool to unfollow those who follow you. This will free you up to follow more people who are more dedicated to your cause and who may therefore become your dedicated followers.

Combine these three methods for the best results, the followback hashtag method will jumpstart your number of followers, while targeting an audience that likes what you like will ensure that your great following is not a white elephant. Lastly, unfollowing those who do not follow you will not only look better statistically on your profile but will allow you to target more interested readers.

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  • shelpeare profile image

    shelpeare 5 years ago

    Thanks Minnetonka Twin. I guess you need to use the Twitter software online that automatically unfollows those who do not follow you back after a certain time passes.

  • Minnetonka Twin profile image

    Linda Rogers 5 years ago from Minnesota

    Great information on ways to gain followers. I am so frustrated because I hit a limit of who I follow, long ago and now when someone I want to follow, follows me, I can't. I guess I need to unfollow those who don't follow me as you stated in the article. I know some people have many accounts on twitter, but I am not interested in doing that to get more followers. I hit many buttons on your great article.

  • shelpeare profile image

    shelpeare 6 years ago

    Thanks ladyt11.

  • profile image

    ladyt11 6 years ago

    Very good information, thanks!