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Innovative Features that can Render Any Weather App Charismatic

Updated on June 3, 2015

The smartphone app market has seen a number of weather apps on its horizon of late. In one of my previous articles, talking from the perspective of a common user, I discussed what was expected of weather apps. Different users go for different apps in accordance with their tastes and likings. I also tend to keep a weather app always in my iPhone. What do I do with it? Not a lot, honestly speaking. Just to know about what the week’s weather is going to be like; the day’s temperature; its variations during the coming days; and that’s it. However, I want weather apps to include such features which are able to totally change my views about weather apps. In fact I would go on to say that they should be able to give a paradigm shift to the opinions of a lot of users about weather. This article is mainly geared to provide a few innovative ideas that could be integrated in weather apps to make them more informative and attractive.

User Interface

The app obviously has to be cool with a nice, clutter free yet elegant interface with lovely smooth animations in order to allure the smartphone users towards itself. So, the weather details should be blended aesthetically with the user interface and underscored by subtle animations to simplify things for all the users alike.

Current Location

Most of the modern day apps, on being launched for the first time, automatically configure your current location based on which your weather information is displayed on the home screen. So, this feature is no more an innovation in my view.

Temperature on App’s Icon

The day’s temperature on the app’s home screen should be displayed on the app’s icon so that if I just want to know the temperature, I would not have to bear the hassle of even opening the app.

Weather Maps

An interesting feature that has the potential to make a lot of non-weather savvy users into weather buffs is the weather maps with fluid overlays and layers. The option to choose different satellite and radar maps according to your choice to get all the alerts, warnings, advisories and statements right from the app would be a phenomenal innovation.

Weather Stations

With tons of personal weather stations cropping up in neighborhoods all over the country, weather apps should make accurate and hyperlocal weather forecasts and hence bring the most localized weather predictions to users.

Planning Travels

If a user can get to schedule holidays via the Travel Planner feature keeping the prospective weather conditions in mind, the use of several third party apps would be rendered redundant which would add much value to a weather app in terms of innovation and inventiveness.


Overall, a weather app should be able to carry out tons of weather related stuff plus the user should get to know a lot of interesting things about his/her everyday weather. The weather apps need to deviate from the general trends and must consider the above mentioned features to bolster their attraction for the millions of weather geeks all over the globe.


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