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Internet Fraud & Scams

Updated on April 12, 2012

Internet Scams

Internet fraud and scams, have become an ever growing problem in this age of technology. Being outraged at the number of individuals who attempt to scam another person is stomach turning, and sickening. I am pretty sure nearly everyone is familiar with the email scams where you are emailed a letter from a President and/or ambassador from a foreign country explaining their dire need to have help in receiving a bank transaction.

The one scam that really is horrible when you meet someone via a social networking site, and he or she befriends you within a week or less they begin to ask personal questions. It is sad to say when one of the first things they say is I am a christian my alert signals go off. It is a very sad minded person who would try to prostitute God or their faith in order to gain your trust for a criminal motive. 

I could not imagine anyone falling for either one of these scams, but just in case be aware if you meet someone on twitter and/or other social mediums do not take it for granted that everyone is there just to network.

Whether you meet a male and/or female be aware if they seem way to friendly, they are probably up to something.  If they start calling you babe or honey in a few days after meeting be cautious its just to lure you in.

Nigerian and Lottery Scams

 ......And who has not received the email letter from a Nigerian promising to send you this god-forsaken large amount of money.  I would suggest to anyone to set your email on auto delete as soon as an email try to sneak by with the word "large sum of money" in the body of the email.

People who fall for these lottery scams are either clueless, stupid, or both.  Some folks actually fall prey to these foolish internet scams, and mail fraud.   Believe people actually try to cash fake checks on the premise of "well it looked real".  If you did not play an international lottery, dud!  How you receive winnings if you never played, it just has scam written all over it. 

Yes I sit and watch Judge Judy and some other Court TV shows, and watch people sue friends, and family for trying to cash a fake check in someone's account.

Payment Transfer Fraud

This is actually a money laundering fraud. The scammer will ask you to receive a sum of money of their behalf, and you are suspose to keep a certain percentage for acting as the liasion to receive the money. In most cases the innocent party is receiving stolen money without their knowing it. In the past 3 years this has become one of the top 5 internet frauds of late.

Some of these cases the scammer will even tell you about their child as a way to soften you up.  They want you to know they are a single parent, and working away from home and need your help to recieve money because they do not have an account.

Get Rich Quick Scam

Another Internet scam is the get rich quick.  Better yet the emails which tell you "How would you like to make money while you sleep?"   There is also the google profits kit, whether it works or not I can not say.  The ideal here is to post links for google, some are advertising stay at home mom makes $77 per hour.  I click on the ad just to read what the deal was it baits you in by saying all you pay is $2.99 or just the shipping and handling.

I thought oh interesting!  But at the very bottom in fine print it states your credit card will be billed $149 for this program if not cancelled within 30 days.  There are several different companies promoting the make cash with google, so beware and read the fine print.


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  • urmilashukla23 profile image

    Urmila 5 years ago from Rancho Cucamonga,CA, USA

    So right, I get these Nigerian and Lottery Scam emails so often and I send it to my spam folder and keep deleting it. We have to be very careful. Very useful and Voted up!

  • adrienne2 profile image

    Adrienne F Manson 6 years ago from Atlanta

    Thanks Kevin, internet fraud and scams is certainly on the rise. In the past few weeks the payment transfer fraud has really increased, we must stay aware and informed on important issues concerning technology.

  • adrienne2 profile image

    Adrienne F Manson 7 years ago from Atlanta

    Hi FridgeWheeL, yep scams are a pain for us all. Just have be safe and careful all the time.

  • FridgeWheeL profile image

    FridgeWheeL 7 years ago from Pretoria South Africa

    Darn, internet scams make me so cross. One has to make sure you don't fall for these types of scams.