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Intro to Blogging for Beginners

Updated on June 16, 2010

Intro to Blogging for beginners

Some time ago now, I decided it was time to try my hand at blogging. I mean I heard it was all the rage, that everyone was doing it, but honestly, I didn’t really get it. So, I wallowed my way around and got my first blog up and running. Not really taking any of the necessary steps required in order to make a successful blog. I truly was a beginner at it all. My URL made no sense, it was about a mile long, and I really had no direction as to what I was trying to accomplish with it. And to make a long story short, it was only a matter of time before that blog became another casualty in a long line of blogs that fresh young bloggers leave in their wake.

See blogging is difficult, and blogging is especially difficult for beginners, who have no real knowledge of what it takes to create a viable presence online. There is so much more to it than just creating a blog and writing a couple posts.

So after my first blog, I had a couple others that really fell flat, before I finally wound up with a set of free blogs that I operate today. And although they are not the best you will ever see, they have been a very strong stepping stone for me in creating a presence on the web.

With my most recent blog, Blogging for beginners, I am taking what I have learned and putting it into lessons. Some of the lessons I will cover here today, but there is so much more to cover than what I can on a hub, and if you truly want to be a successful blogger, understand that no matter how much you learn, you will probably have failures along the way.

Blogging can be fun and rewarding
Blogging can be fun and rewarding

So, in a hub for beginner bloggers, where do I really begin?

We begin with topics.
Topics, or keywords and phrases are the foundation to which your blog will be built. Building your blog around a very specific topic is going to be the key to a successful blog. Success of course will be relative to your topic. But a true way to weigh success on the Internet is by achieving first page on the search engines for your primary keyword.

For those of you who do not know, Keywords are terms that Google uses for establishing ads, and classifying websites. These terms are based on uncountable hours of research on the search engines part to determine search engine usage and terms. And there are many tools out there to help you establish good keywords and phrases.

But as a "beginner blogger", there are some very critical issues to consider when deciding on your primary keywords and phrases. And I of course would recommend you read my blog to learn those, or to read my other hubs within this grouping to learn more about that topic.

The second biggest thing to understand is posting
There is an art to writing blog posts. And it runs much deeper than just being a quality writer and writing something compelling that people want to read. Every single blog post becomes another page to your blog. This means that it should be related to your primary keyword, but can also include secondary keywords that, although relate to your blog, offer the possibility of driving new traffic via unique keywords.

On top of that, it is important to remember a very important element to your posts. And that is visual stimulation. Not many people out there have the ability to maintain concentration when they are staring at a wall of words. Remember to add pictures to your post that break up the monotony or add something to the topic. Or just offer the reader something to laugh at. People respond well to visual stimulation and you will be more likely to keep a reader if they find your blog visually appealing.

On top of that, you have to become familiar with internal links. What this means is, within your blog posts, if you happen to find a situation where you can use either your primary keywords or secondary keywords, remember to link those keywords back to the original post, or back to your root URL if you are using your primary keyword. This offers readers a chance to easily navigate your blog, along with creating awareness for search engine spiders. Meaning they will index the link. Just don’t go overboard. A few links are plenty; you will always have opportunity to create more in other posts.

Once you have created a post or two, or a hundred, what else should be considered?

Something that is talked about time and time again is the importance of blog commenting.  And I will talk about it again.  Blogging is much like a community, and you will find that there are a lot of bloggers out there who are more than willing to offer help and support for their fellow bloggers.  And it is through blog commenting that you will be able to connect to other bloggers.  Not to mention, create a viable link to possibly increase your own traffic.  There is a lot to be said about proper blog commenting.  Stuff that you can find in some of these links, and stuff I will not cover here.  The one thing that I will cover is, try to target blogs within your own topic.  These are the bloggers you want to befriend, and these are the readers you want to target.  Just remember, no comment spam, bloggers will have no problem spotting you if you are just spamming their comment sections for the links it creates.

So, now your getting the hang of all this, but your still not seeing traffic. What now?

This is where the real work starts.  Just because you may have wonderful content, and you may be writing your pants off, posting new blog posts 2 and 3 times a day, doesn’t mean you are going to see any traffic.  It doesn’t even mean search engines will take the time to index you.  They have to deem your blog relevant and worth while before they will even index you. Now there are several steps you can take to help this process along, but every single blog will be indexed at a different time.  Sometimes that can be days, sometimes weeks, and months…. Even years are not completely out of the possibility.  So, what kinds of steps can be taken to help search engines along?  There are several tactics that should be implemented in order to achieve this.  The number one thing I will suggest is, start with Technorati.  Set up an account and claim your blog.  This process may take a couple days so start immediately.  Technorati is a blog directory that will list your blog.  This is a site that is indexed very regularly, several times a day, and this gives you a quick link that will be indexed by search engines.

Speaking of links, you will need to start building them!

So what are links you may ask.  Links, or also known as backlinks are links to your site from other sites.  The search engines love these, and often when they find a backlink on another site, they will follow that link and index the site it is attached to.  And there are all sorts of backlinks.  We have already covered a few of them.  Commenting and blog directories are backlinks, but where else can you get backlinks?  You can get backlinks through online writing, you can get them from social bookmarking, you can get them through social networking, and you can get them from other sites writing about your site, or including your site backlink within their own articles or pages.

And in the grand scheme of things, backlinks are king and are key to your success as a blogger.  High quality backlinks is what it will take to achieve first page in the search engines.  Backlinks are what search engines use to gauge popularity.  The more you have, the better they will rank you, the better they rank you the higher your chance will be for high SERP results.

But not all backlinks are created equal.  Social bookmarking backlinks often carry less value than a backlink within an article.  Backlinks from commenting often carry very little value to search engines.  And some of this will depend on whether or not the backlink is NOFOLLOW or DOFOLLOW…Another topic that just cannot be explained in full right here, right now. 

So, now that you have all the basics, do you have what it takes to be a blogger?  I wish you the best and I am always available to try and help, either here or at blogging for beginners.  So, just give me a shout, you will hear back from me.


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