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My Life Proof Case Saves me $1,000s yearly!

Updated on August 21, 2013


Life Proof Case - Under Water
Life Proof Case - Under Water
Life Proof Case - Front & Back
Life Proof Case - Front & Back

The Life-Proof Case

Having the Life Proof case has saved me hundreds of dollars in replacing my phones. In my line of work, I've had to replace about 5-10 phones yearly due to making arrests and detaining unwilling and aggressive criminals.

It all started February 14 2013, my girlfriend (Who is amazing by the way) got me a brand new I-Phone 4s for Valentine's Day because I kept having problems with my old phone, which really didn't work so well due to it getting dropped so many times but not fully "Breaking"

February 15th, My brand new, awesome phone that had barely been out of its box long enough for me to get a full charge into it, was left on my bed. While the day progressed, we began to do laundry. To this day, neither of us understand how it had actually happened, but some how, some way, my brand new phone ended up in the pile of laundry that had just been stuffed into the washing machine, now filling up with soapy water and beginning to turn and spin and soak everything in its reach to its very core..

About 45 minutes later, after the washing machine had finished with its load, and my oblivious self, began to unload the washing machine and remove the clothes, shake them out and place them into the dryer.. a brand new I-Phone 4s that had barely been out of its package for more than 24 hours falls to the floor, making a wet, sloppy thud, lightly splashing water on my feet as it hit the ground.

Needless to say, to my horror I looked down, as my girlfriend peeked around the corner to see what the wet thumpy noise had come from. We looked at each other, quickly picked the phone up off of the floor and tried to fix it. Well, we tried everything we could think of, and nothing had worked. So off to the sprint store we went..

After about 30 minutes of waiting in the Sprint store here in Las Vegas, just to speak with a customer service representative, we finally get to the counter and explain the problem. After the long winded explanation to the CSR (Mike, I think his name was, thanks Mike!) he finally informed us due to not having insurance, and water damage not being covered, there was nothing he could do. Other than opening a new line, swapping the numbers and making this huge complicated mess of a situation on our bill, that took 2 months to pretty much completely resolve. We were out of the sprint store, with a new Phone for myself and a brand new, extra $30 a month payment on our plan for getting a new line just for the new phone.

I then invested into a life proof case. I read about them and came to the conclusion, that, if it worked like it says it will, I will never have to worry about my phone again.

So I purchased a new case, brought it home and before I placed my complete trust into this $80.00 phone case, I placed it together (Boy this thing is a pain to take apart and put back together at first, probably a good thing!) Once the phone case had been placed together, I then turned on the sink, and placed the phone case under water for a good 2-3 minutes, and sure enough NO water had entered the case. It was completely DRY on the inside! I was amazed, and excited that I now had this amazing case in my arsenal to eliminate meaningless phone replacements (Which I have unfortunately have had to do quite often in my line of work) I put it to the test!!

The phone recently just found its way into the hands of my girl friends nieces. Well, the little cutie just loves to throw things from high places, from top of the stairs over the balcony type high places. She threw my phone (while it was in its Life Proof case) Over the balcony, down 2 sets of stairs and onto a cold, hard, tile surface.. Once I looked over and had seen my phone laying on the floor, I thought for sure it was all over. I had not put it through such a high test to see if the case worked, after it dropping continuously at work and never seeing any damage, I just figured 4-5 feet would have been no big deal for the case, but 20-30 foot drop I was sure would destroy my phone.. Lo and behold, I walked over to where the little one had dropped my phone, picked it up, hit the home screen button, and viola, NO damage, AT ALL. The phone was and still is, in perfect working condition. JUST TO PROVE THIS WASN'T A FLUKE, the little troublemaker found my phone a second time that evening and had done the SAME thing, from the SAME spot. My phone, was, and still is, in perfect, working condition. (To have some fun with it, even I went up and dropped it off the balcony myself.)

To the point, These cases are absolutely amazing, and I would have had to replace my phone so many times without it. This $80 initial investment has now saved me over $1500.00 in replacement phones, and counting. NEEDLESS TO SAY, due to the case around the phone, when I pull the case off the phone is in perfect condition, with no scratches on its screen, no scratches on the back plate, nothing. The phone looks BRAND new and will always stay in such a condition because of my LIFE PROOF CASE - So this case, definitely protects my phone, from my crazy work life, and crazy home life! I definitely recommend getting a life proof case, weather you have no kids, and work in an office, or have 100 kids and work in construction. This case is accident proof, hazard proof, work proof, kid proof, it is all around amazing, and if I had 2 phones I would buy a second.

I put this phone case to the test, and still have the original case I purchased.

- I put my phone (With the case on, obviously) back into the washing machine, just to test it out even further.

Result : No damages or leakage at all!

The case is really light, and doesn't really add any weight to the device itself. The only downside is that it makes it a little bigger / thicker, but not a huge increase.

This phone case is absolutely amazing;

  • Designed to fit the Apple iPhone 4/4S
  • The thinnest, lightest, toughest, most advanced iPhone case available
  • Slim, sleek silhouette stays true to your iPhone’s precision design
  • Waterproof down to 6.6’ (2m) deep for up to 1 hour
  • Dirt & dust proof to IP-68 - the most rigorous Ingress Protection Rating
  • Shockproof to military standards – survives drops from up to 6.6 ft (2 m)
  • Complete access to every function, button, control and port
  • Crystal-Clear optical-glass lens ensures distortion-free photographs
  • Enhanced speaker ports deliver maximum acoustic output and clarity
  • Weighs under 1 oz (28 g) and adds only 1/16 in (1.5 mm) to your phone’s profile
  • Unique materials never stick to your pockets or collect lint
  • Includes cleaning cloth, headphone adapter and headphone jack cover keeper.

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