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Is Apple or Microsoft the best? | by Craig Easom

Updated on September 10, 2014

Technology makes for a better world.

In mankind's history, we simply see evolution take man's intelligence to all new levels with discoveries, research in labs and in offices working on technology to create something which can push the boundaries for what mankind can do. Technology advances rapidly now in the 21st Century with Apple and Microsoft competing to create the next best thing which will have the world going crazy. Nothing has ever fascinated mankind more than technology with the means to do the near impossible with the click of a button which has reshaped the world with its simplicity, near impossible capabilities and with man's will to innovate and move technology forward we will achieve the impossible in the future to come.

The world relies on technology for so many things, we quite simply would not understand a world without it as we have slowly become dependant on it. PC's/laptops, tablets, mobile phones, MP3 players, TV's etc, if all of this was to go then so would the world as we know it with the collapse of the system which keeps us safe in our bubbles. What would follow would be catastrophic of mass proportions as the government relies on technology to power their nuclear weapons with communications channels spreading all around the world. Without these the entire world could do whatever they like. Wars would be inevitable, society's would surely collapse and man kind as we know it would turn into something darker, more dangerous and so very different. This is simply why we need technology with all its change which it has brought to the world to keep the system which we have learnt to love and live with quite happily.

Apple original logo with slogan, think different.
Apple original logo with slogan, think different. | Source

No.1- Apple

Apple was formed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak with Jobs, the business mind behind Apple, turning the technology into products which would be successful in the marketplace. Then Wozniak who created the technology which Jobs can then work with the put into a product which would simply take the market by storm, wowing everyone. This Jobs and Wozniak relationship worked so successfully because what they both offered to the company was vital for its success. No business can become a success without the right minds moving it into the directions which can take it places where money will be reeled in as the product sees success at a hopefully substantial rate.

The Apple 2 which was Apples second product to be released onto the market was successful making the business an instant success, practically over night. The Apple Macintosh however did not see the same success which was the next release for the Apple company with it losing the company money, the only thing keeping the business going was the income from the Apple 2. What I found so great about Apples success is that they have not had it quite so easy as everyone has come to believe as they are like any other business and all it takes is one bad decision to send a business which was once successful to struggle to keep the business afloat. Although this unsuccessful rhythm was not to last as once the Apple iMac was released they were back on top with a success rate like never before with the individual personality of the product which came in different colours. Steve Jobs was all about bringing technology into peoples households which had a personal feel to the products which made them more exciting to own. Then later came the successful iPod competing with the MP3's which at the time were ugly looking with a low restriction for the capacity in which the products could hold songs. The very first iPod could hold 1000 songs which at the time was amazing, leaving customers with a wow factor product, which ticked all of the products. Then more recently the iPhone was released blending the smart phone with the MP3 player to create a product which excelled in both of the qualities of the two products in one glorious creation. Then finally the iPad which allows for all of the capabilities of a laptop in a simple, easy to hold product without the heavy keyboard.

With so much success from the Apple company I'm sure there is no shock upon anyone's face when I announced that Apple was the Number 1 product out of the two ground breaking technology companies which have helped change the world. Apples products look good, feel good to use, have a sense of personality about them and has the updated technology to make them the perfect products to own. The one down side to the products which give other competitors the chance to get in on the market is the high price tag which comes with the Apple products. This is the only issue with the Apple products as if this was not a factor affecting the benefits then Apple would quite simply be a flawless technology company.

Apples achievments

Apples noteworthy achievements;

- Apple 2

The Apple 2 was Apples first successful product which made Apple a lot of money allowing them to move onto the next great product. Around 5 million to 6 million of the Apple 2's were produced over the duration of 17 years from 1977 to 1993 which helped the company not only make a lot of money but also keep it going through the bad times as the Apple macintosh was not successful losing the business money. The only thing at the time keeping the business going was the income from the Apple 2 which I believe makes it definite note worthy Apple achievement.

-Apple iMac

The first iMac was announced in 1998 which I believe to have been the first Apple product to truly define the company with an image which may have possibly moved it into the right direction which led it to where it is now. The iMac was so successful because of its colourful backing to the monitor and good looking design. The product was attractive from its appearance making it personal for the buyer which helped to make it the product which has still survived on the marketplace today, although upgraded to today's standards. Since the first iMac release there have been many improvements for the product with it getting slimmer in design, smarter appearance, upgraded technology, touch screen as well as other capabilities have all helped to form today's iMac.


The IPod is a magnificent creation which allows you to play your music through ear pieces. It was created by Apple as an alternative to the MP3 player which had huge success with the arrival of the first IPod with its sleek, gorgeous exterior as well as a just as appealing interior with simple usage. It was an angel sent from above by the technology gods which sounds like an over reaction but even today the very first Apple IPod has an appeal. The very first line of IPod's was released in 2001 and today there are 4 different types of IPod's with the ultra compact IPod shuffle, the compact IPod nano, the touch screen IPod touch and the IPod classic. Along with Apples ITunes service you can't go wrong as it offers music, games, books and pod-casts etc which you can connect to straight from your IPod touch or on your PC/Laptop.


The IPhone is similar to the IPod touch released in 2007 with a few minor differences which includes a different shape as the IPod touch is wider and has curved sides which differentiates to the IPhone which is less wider, with flat sides and a thicker body. The IPhone also has extra abilities such as the phone which allows you to contact people sending and receiving phone calls as well as the ability to text which is the final difference between the two products. To date there have been 5 different IPhones created with the IPhone, IPhone 2, IPhone 3, IPhone 4, and the IPhone 5 which is the current IPhone at the moment which has received a fair bit of controversy since a fair amount of customers feel the IPhone 5 is worse than the IPhone 5. I personally have no quadrilles with the IPhone 5 myself as I have it for around a year now and have been pleased with the product. The IPhone 5S is the slightly upgraded version of the IPhone 5 but this to me seems foolish because the IPhone 5 was perfectly good. So why make attempts at improving an already great product not to say of coarse that they should not do further IPhones in the future, just not that quick after the release of the current IPhone. The IPhone 5C is perfect if you want an IPhone which stands out from the others with the different colours like red, blue and yellow but personally I think I will stick to the colour white.


The IPad is a tablet released in 2010 which allows you to do everything that you could do on a computer except without the keyboard which is perfect if you don't want to lug around a laptop. There has so far been an IPad, IPad 2, IPad 3, IPad 4, IPad mini, and the IPad air which offers enough variety to find the one for you if you are an Apple fan seeking out a new tablet. The IPad offers a variety of abilities through apps which can do most things from music, games, books, writing etc. Soon laptops will be a thing of the past as tablets adapt further in the future with all new abilities and capabilities which will wow people everywhere.


The ITunes service allows Apple users with Apple products to buy and store their data in one efficient place. ITunes allows users to buy apps, music, games, films, books etc. Opening a new world for people as before ITunes there was nothing so efficient, easy to navigate and offering competitive pricing where you could buy music. ITunes today still remains the number 1 place for music lovers to buy their favourite albums and tracks in one trust worthy place which has built an enormous customer base by generally selling Apple products which leads those customers directly to ITunes.

To conclude, Apple are clearly the leading technology experts offering what other companies are not even close to providing which leaves the beauty of Apple untouched which is just how we like it. The thoughts of Apple one day not being there is a forsaken thought which is why I am going to enjoy every moment Apple is breathing as we all should. Apple have changed technology forever with astounding effects forcing other technology companies to get their acts together which is quite funny if you think about it.

Microsoft | Source

No.2- Microsoft

The Microsoft corporation was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on April 4th 1975 and they dominated the personal computer operating system market in the mid-1980's with the MS-DOS which put them on the map. This was then followed by the software product, Microsoft Windows which is still well known today (April, 2014) with the current software (Microsoft Windows 8) which is superb in its creation. Microsoft have developed their personal computer operating system across the years with brilliant success and have changed the world of technology forever. Microsoft owns and runs different products such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft office suite, internet explorer browser, Xbox, and the Microsoft surface series of tablets. Most homes uses PCs/Laptops which are not Apple products will have Microsoft software installed on them in order for them to operate. Which is why Microsoft Windows is so successful because PC/Laptop manufacturers will require Microsoft for the software which allows the product to operate as a computer should. The Microsoft suite is a piece of software offering additional items for your computer with programmes like Microsoft word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, and Publisher which are required for work purposes. Internet explorer browser was once the most used internet browser with one competitor, Firefox which barely stole any of their audience as at the time internet explorer was popular. Now at this current time (April, 2014) internet explorer barely has 30% of users operating the internet explorer browser since they have been deemed obsolete by Google Chrome which runs much faster.

The products which Microsoft sells includes the Xbox which over time has gone from the Xbox (2001), to the Xbox 360 (2006), and now to the Xbox One (2013) which is a set of consoles which have proved successful selling on the market. Some more than others with the Xbox selling 24 million units as of May 10th, 2006, the Xbox 360 sold 77.2 units worldwide as of April 18th, 2013 and the Xbox One has sold 5 million units so far (April, 2014) which only time will tell for the sales. The Microsoft marketplace allows Xbox owners with a gold membership (full access to internet) to buy games (full), game add ons, avatar items, music, films etc. It is practically a store online which is exclusive to Xbox owners which when you think about it, happens to be pretty cool although the major competition which is Playstation offer a similar service, Playstation network (PSN). Having gained a massive audience from the Xbox original, Xbox 360 and now the Xbox One, there is no surprise this has become one of the most talked about product franchises in the world.

The Microsoft surface tablet series are tablets which are in competition with huge names like the Apple IPad, the Samsung Galaxy tab, and the Sony Xperia tablet etc. The Microsoft surface tablets have an ideal interface which is similar to that on the Xbox one and on the Microsoft Windows 8 computers which is great as it ties in well with their brand. The keyboard which can be bought separately with the tablet is certainly appealing and if I wasn't using the IPad 4, I would certainly give the Microsoft surface tablet serious consideration.

Microsoft's achievements

Microsoft's noteworthy achievements;

- Microsoft Windows

Microsoft windows is the software which allows computers to have an interface for computer owns to use when switching on a computer. Microsoft windows is the software used with most brands selling computers which includes HP,Dell, Samsung, Sony, Lenovo etc. Although there are a few exceptions with certain computer brands which have their own software that include such brands as Apple. Microsoft's windows software has undergone a lot of changes since they first started making the software with the latest windows software, Microsoft windows 8 (2014).

In my opinion the Microsoft windows software is marvellous with an easy to use set of functions which make operating a PC/Laptop as simple as can be. The long lasting success of Microsoft has been largely due to the success of windows which Microsoft invented early on in the company's start up. If you own a computer at home which isn't Apple then I'm sure that you will be using Microsoft windows software and will agree that it does everything you can ever need it to do plus more. I have had experience using all kinds of Microsoft windows software from Windows vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8 (current) which have only gotten better.

-Microsoft Office

Microsoft office provides computer users with a Microsoft windows operating system the chance to add extra programs to their computer. Microsoft office offers basic office programs which includes word, excell, powerpoint, and publisher etc. Microsoft office allows children in schools the ability to do their work on computers as well as produce homework on their personal computers at home. It enables adults working in the office the ability to do paperwork on computers, make powerpoint presentations, balance finances onto documents as well as many other marvellous things. Microsoft office has helped change the way we work forever. Microsoft office is updated when the Microsoft windows software is updated to make appropriate improvements.

-Microsoft Surface

Microsoft's surface is their range of tablets using the windows software. The surface tablets are unique, offering a high quality tablet which provides customers with all they could want from a tablet and more. The apps are appealing, up to date, allowing Microsoft to compete with the tablet market leader, Apple's IPad. The Microsoft surface tablet can stand by itself with other accessories which can be bought separately like the key board which is sleek, compact, and attractive which adds to the benefits of the product.

In my opinion the Microsoft surface is a good product with very few flaws but to get the best experience from the product I would advice buying the attachable keyboard since it makes life typing on the tablet so much easier. The product comes in standard black which allows it to blend in, but if you are looking for a product which stands out then I would advice Apple. This is because they offer the IPad in the white colour rather than the traditional black colour which to some seems a little bland for their tastes.

-Microsoft's Xbox

The Xbox allowed Microsoft to crack into the video gaming market which at the time of entering the market was booming and still is to this very day. At the time of entering into the video gaming market which was in 2004 with the Xbox (original), Microsoft was looking to compete on a level with Playstation which at this time had released the Playstation 2. Xbox were a success with the Xbox (original), but didn't find market domination until they released their Xbox 360. This new console allowed their users to go online with a new system which the PS2 could not compete alongside. Playstation soon released their new console to follow from their outdated PS2 console with the Playstation 3 (PS3) which then prompted Xbox to improve the Xbox 360, releasing the same product except quicker in speed processing and better in its design. This was the Xbox elite, which soon led to the release of the Xbox 360 which was upgraded improving not only the life span, but the colour (gloss black), the total space (250GB), and the introduction of the inbuilt WiFi. In 2013 Microsoft released the Xbox One which is the next generation console which has improved every specification on the old now outdated Xbox 360. The Xbox one is in close competition with Playstation's (PS4) and Nintendo's (Wii U) which are all in the midst of battle to dominate the control over the market.

To conclude Microsoft are certainly the best in terms of creating consoles since Apple do not have a console creation as of yet but who knows what the future holds. Microsoft, although rated below Apple as the number 2 technology company in the world in my opinion, this is still better than being the 3rd best.

Thank you for reading my hub, 'is Apple or Microsoft the best'. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I am eager to see which of the two technology company's you think are the best, Apple or Microsoft. Please remember to comment below and check out my other hubs.

Apple and Microsoft

Is Apple or Microsoft the best technology company in the world?

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    • Hackslap profile image


      4 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Great comparison between the world's two tech giants... I'm a huge Apple fan when it comes to the peripherals..i.e. the Ipod/Iphone and the Apple TV..but beyond that I still feel Microsoft rules when it comes to operating systems and enterprise software really cannot beat the dominance of Windows and Office ..


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