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Is the D750 the Best Nikon Dslr?

Updated on December 12, 2018

When buying a DSLR, Nikon's cameras are top choices, though not the only choice. Many photographers will say that while Nikon has had its flaws, it has been overall consistent in delivering solid lenses and cameras. But which, according to experts, is the best Nikon DSLR in the market today?

It is not an easy question to answer unless you have fiddled with the brand's cameras for decades. And not everyone can afford to do that. This is where expert advice comes in useful. A skilled photographer may be able to get great photographs with any camera, but owning a good camera is definitely an advantage.

The Best Nikon DSLR

For those who want a single model recommendation that they could trust blindly, it could be the D750. The choice of many pros and enthusiasts, it scores high in terms of quality of image, value, features and ergonomics. The D810 also gets an honorable mention. There following points need to be considered when picking a DSLR.

1. Image quality: The D750 offers a fantastic dynamic range, capturing landscapes and portraits with accuracy and integrity in many extreme lighting conditions. It captures highlights and shadows in great detail.

One concern however, may be the relatively unimpressive 24 MP sensor, since many others offers resolutions of 36 MP today. The advantage in the 24 MP camera over higher resolutions is that it is faster to work with the images in post-processing. Also, resolution doesn't matter in low-light conditions. Plus, at very high ISOs, the D750 offers excellent image clarity and less noise.

If you want to shoot landscapes, the 36 MP D810 is also a worthy competitor.

2. Ease of Use & Ergonomics: If you are shooting all day, the last thing you need is wrist pain that some cameras give you. The D750 is very well-designed in that respect. It is compact and light, and lets you save two different settings to switch easily between. The tilting LCD is great for shooting high or low. Overall, the camera offers great navigation and button layout.

3. Autofocus: The D750 has the brand's 51-point autofocus along with a -3EV sensitivity. This gives you great autofocus speed when shooting wildlife, for instance. This is especially useful when shooting in low-light. In comparison, the D810 has a -2EV sensitivity and it doesn't perform as well as the D750 in poor-light conditions.

4. Battery Life: Nikon has made battery life improvements in the D750, and you can see it in the efficiency with which the D750 shoots (at 1230 CIPA). While you may want to carry spares, you may not always need them.

5. Lenses: Nikon makes lightweight, small prime lenses of excellent quality to go with its lightweight cameras. You may find that the D750 works great with f/4 and f/1.8 prime lenses. You can also use heavier zoom lenses if you don't find the weight inconvenient.

In terms of camera quality, it will be hard to find fault with the D750's construction. It shoots when it should and has a solid construction that stays robust for a long time.

Finally, we come to the price point. Originally priced at $2299, the price is currently around $2009 on Amazon, along with accessories. You can also save up to $200 if you avail of <bundled offers> (

Overall, the Nikon 750D is a highly frustration-free and fun camera great for shooting landscapes, sports, wildlife, nature, but if you're shooting portraits it's also great for handling skin tones. Ultimately, the best camera for you is one that suits your artistic needs. Consider hiring a 750D to find out if this is the best Nikon DSLR for you, or share your thoughts on other choices.


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    • Hanzamfafa profile image

      Mike Leal 

      3 years ago from London

      If I were to answer whether the D750 is the best Nikon DSLR camera, my reply would be 'No'. There is this new upcoming Nikon D5 next month. And I do believe that this is going to be the best Nikon DSLR ever made.


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