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Is this a Phish?

Updated on January 2, 2009

An innocent solication?

Well it had been sometime since I heard from this friend but upon opening the email I was greeted with this.

Hey since when did I subscribed to and their policies. (note the first line).

Tagged from what I researched on them is another social network website aimed predominantly at the teeny market. Reports aren't so good, full of advertising and spam.

Email from purportedly originating from a friend.
Email from purportedly originating from a friend.

Taking a look at their site

Clicked on the referral screen in my email, and this is what I was presented with.

It automatically entered my email address and prompted me for my password.

WHAT!!!! Your kidding me!! You want my password to my account. They were serious, any attempt to enter a false password came back with a prompt for a correct password.

No I never gave them it. Now it off to google and research this company called website sign site.

Checking them out.

What they do is when you give them your password, is that they then scan your contact list (supposedly under the guise of looking for other people in your contact list that signed up for From this they farm your contacts emails, and automatically spam them with the first image I posted. Making it look like your friend allowed it. (Yeah they did, but through trickery and deception).

So without my permission they automatically put me on their subscription list, through my friends contact list.

Even more insidious as one security firm posts is why do they even need access to your account. Consider the multitude of us having our banking info, and other personal and confidential information

You may say I wouldn't do it, but how many have shared email accounts or allow someone else access to your account. For those of us who are a webwise as in streetwise there is no problem, our guard is up. But not everyone thinks like that.

They remninds those of us who went through the Melissa email worms. Tagged has the potential for getting extremely out of hand. For addtional follow up check the links below.


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    • profile image

      Pseudonymious 9 years ago

      It seems HIGHLY suspicious. I know of at least one person (my mother O.o) who got pulled in by this, which is why I got the 'Your friend invited you to tagged!' message. Since it had her full name (Susan ** *********) I clicked it and went a few pages in.

      The accessing your email contacts list with your password set off a number of blazing, flaming, smoking red flags and I immediatedly called her up to get her to change her email password completely. She did so, and I told her to contact her entire contact list to tell them to do the same if they were fooled.

      Seems extremely sketchy as hell.

    • eaglegordon profile image

      eaglegordon 9 years ago

      Just want to add to my own hub, without editing it. I clicked the unscribe link, and the nasty signin wasn't used. So far they seem to be honoring that request and I am not being spammed.

      Well watch and report any unusual behavior.